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AAEC 2305Fundamentals of Agricultural and Applied Economics
AAEC 2401Agricultural Statistics
AAEC 3401Agricultural Statistics
ADRS 2310Understanding Alcohol, Drugs, and Addictive Behaviors
ANSC 1401General Animal Science
ANSC 2310The Horse in World Art
ANTH 2300Physical Anthropology (with ANTH 2100 lab)
ANTH 2301Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 2302Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2306Anthropology at the Movies
ARCH 1311Design, Environment, and Society
ARCH 2311History of World Architecture I
ARCH 2315History of World Architecture II
ART 1309Art Appreciation
ARTH 1301Art History Survey I
ARTH 2302Art History Survey II
ASTR 1400Solar System Astronomy
ASTR 1401Stellar Astronomy
ATMO 1300Introduction to Atmospheric Science (with ATMO 1100 lab)
BIOL 1305Ecology and Environmental Problems