Study Abroad and Your Degree Plan

List of all courses available in United Kingdom

TTU CourseForeign CoursePartner Institution
ECE3301Electrical TechnologyCardiff University
ME3370Fluid MechanicsCardiff University
ME2302DynamicsCardiff University
MATH3354Elementary Differential EquationsCardiff University
MATH4354Ordinary Differential EquationsCardiff University
MATH4000Theoretical and Computational Partial Differential EquationsCardiff University
MATH2360Linear AlgebraCardiff University
MATH3342Statistical InferenceCardiff University
EGR1207Engineering ApplicationsCardiff University
ECO3323Monetary EconomicsCity University London
BECO4310Business and Industrial EconomicsCity University London
FIN3324InvestmentCity University London
ISQS2340IT for BusinessCity University London
fin3321Financial AnalysisCity University London
fin3320Financial ManagementCity University London
FIN4328International Financial ManagementCity University London
fin4383Corporate Risk ManagementCity University London
FIN4333Introduction to Real Estate InvestmentCity University London
fin4383Risk Analysis and ModellingCity University London
FIN4327Derivatives Trading and HedgingCity University London
FIN3335Property AppraisalCity University London
FIN4333Valuation and CompensationCity University London
FIN4327Financial EngineeringCity University London
FIN3324Equity Investment ManagementCity University London
FIN3334Real Estate Finance and FundingCity University London
FIN3319Personal FinanceCity University London
fin3322Corporate FinanceCity University London
fin4330Corporate StrategyCity University London
ISQS3344Operations ManagementCity University London
MKT4383Strategic MarketingCity University London
BA4383Supply Chain and Logistics ManagementCity University London
ACCT2300Introduction to Financial AccountingCity University London
ACCT2301Introduction to Management AccountingCity University London
BA4383Financial AccountingCity University London
BA4383Management AccountingCity University London
BA4383Principles of TaxationCity University London
BA3302Introduction to Financial Accounting for BusinessCity University London
BA4383Financial Accounting for BusinessCity University London
BA4383Financial and Management Accounting IICity University London
BA4383Advanced Financial Accounting - Theory and PracticeCity University London
NOTTUPrinciples of FinanceCity University London
FIN4383Company ValuationCity University London
FIN4383Portfolio Theory and Investment ValuationCity University London
FIN4383Derivatives, Trading and HedgingCity University London
FIN4329Fixed Income Portfolio ManagementCity University London
FIN4323Asset Liability ManagementCity University London
FIN4327DerivativesCity University London
FIN4383Asset ManagementCity University London
FIN4328International FinanceCity University London
NOTTUEmerging MarketsCity University London
MKT3350Principles of MarketingCity University London
MGT3370Introduction to ManagementCity University London
ISQS2340Information Technology for BusinessCity University London
MGT4383Management of Information TechnologyCity University London
ISQS3349Networks and Operating SystemsCity University London
ISQS4383Object-Oriented Analysis and DesignCity University London
ISQS4383Programming in CCity University London
ISQS3348Advanced DatabasesCity University London
ISQS3358Introduction to Data MiningCity University London
ISQS3360IT SecurityCity University London
ISQS4350Project ManagementCity University London
MUHL2310Popular Music in BritainCity University London
VPA2301Performing Arts in LondonCity University London
POLS3---Current Topics in Global Political EconomyCity University London
POLS3360American Foreign PolicyCity University London
POLS3---The Governance of the Global EconomyCity University London
POLS3---The Theory and Practice of Conflict and PeaceCity University London
POLS3373Politics of BritianCity University London
NOTTUForeign Policy Analysis 2City University London
ECO3333International TradeCity University London
SPAN1501LGP Spanish BeginnerCity University London
POLS2---Transnational Social MovementsCity University London
POLS2---Economics of the Real WorldCity University London
POLS3---The Global Economy in the Twenty-First CenturyCity University London
POLS2371The Puzzles of Comparative PoliticsCity University London
SPAN1501Spanish for MediaCity University London
POLS3366States and Markets in an Era of GlobalisationCity University London
MGT4383Professional SkillsCity University London
FIN3321Security AnalysisCity University London
ACCT4301AssuranceCity University London
ECO3312Intermediate Microeconomics ICity University London
ECO3326Industrial OrganisationCity University London
MGT3390Introduction to EntrepreneurshipCity University London
MGT4380Strategy for BusinessCity University London
MGT4386New Venture CreationCity University London
MGT3374Human Resource ManagementCity University London
ANTH3300Scottish StudiesHeriot-Watt University
CE3303Strength of Materials AHeriot-Watt University
CE3440Structural AnalysisHeriot-Watt University
CONE4300Safety Management and Site EstablishmentHeriot-Watt University
CONE4320Design Cost Planning and ControlHeriot-Watt University
CONE4324Procurement and ContractsHeriot-Watt University
CS3365Software EngineeringHeriot-Watt University
ME3370Fluid Mechanics AHeriot-Watt University
MATH1451Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 1Heriot-Watt University
MATH1452Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 2Heriot-Watt University
MATH2450Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 3Heriot-Watt University
MATH3350Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 4Heriot-Watt University
MATH2300Statistics for ScienceHeriot-Watt University
Phys2401Waves and MatterHeriot-Watt University
Phys1408Mechanics and WavesHeriot-Watt University
ME4330Mechanical Engineering Science 4Heriot-Watt University
CE3305Mechanical Engineering ScienceHeriot-Watt University
ECE3301Introduction to Electrical and Electronic EngineeringHeriot-Watt University
CS2413Software Development 3Heriot-Watt University
CS2365Software Development 2Heriot-Watt University
ME4330Mechanical Engineering Science 3Heriot-Watt University
ME4376Design and Manufacture 3Heriot-Watt University
CHE4000Process Design BHeriot-Watt University
CHE4000Separation Processes BHeriot-Watt University
CHE3341Separation Processes AHeriot-Watt University
CHE4000Advanced Fluid DynamicsHeriot-Watt University
CHE3322Multiphase ThermodynamicsHeriot-Watt University
CHE2421Process Engineering BHeriot-Watt University
CHE3315Process Engineering AHeriot-Watt University
CHE3326Process Engineering CHeriot-Watt University
CHE3323Chemical Reaction EngineeringHeriot-Watt University
NOTTUPrinciples of ChemistryHeriot-Watt University
NOTTUChemical ReactivityHeriot-Watt University
NOTTUChemistry of Materials for Chemical EngineersHeriot-Watt University
MATH3342Engineering Mathematics and StatisticsHeriot-Watt University
ECE3342ElectromagnetismHeriot-Watt University
ECE3302Circuits and AnalysisHeriot-Watt University
ECE3341High Frequency CircuitsHeriot-Watt University
ECE3311Analogue ElectronicsHeriot-Watt University
ECE4391Electric Circuits and MachinesHeriot-Watt University
ECE3303Signals and SystemsHeriot-Watt University
ECE4375Computer Architecture and Embedded SystemsHeriot-Watt University
ECE4343Electrical Energy SystemsHeriot-Watt University
CS4392Intro to Comms and NetworkHeriot-Watt University
ECE2372Digital Design and ProgrammingHeriot-Watt University
ECE3304Time Frequency and Signal AnalysisHeriot-Watt University
MEElecProcess Modelling and ControlHeriot-Watt University
MEElecMechanical Engineering Science 7Heriot-Watt University
MEElecMechanical Engineering Science 9Heriot-Watt University
MEElecMechanical Engineering Science 10Heriot-Watt University
CE3440Stress Analysis & Element StrengthHeriot-Watt University
ANTH3300Malaysian Culture and HistoryHeriot-Watt University
CE2201Introduction to MaterialsHeriot-Watt University
CE2301Mechanics AHeriot-Watt University
CE3305Mechanics BHeriot-Watt University
CE3440Analysis of Determinate StructuresHeriot-Watt University
CE3354Hydraulics and Hydrology AHeriot-Watt University
CE3341Stress Analyisis and Element StrengthHeriot-Watt University
CE4361Transportation Engineering AHeriot-Watt University
CE4343Design of Concrete ElementsHeriot-Watt University
CE3309Environmental Engineering AHeriot-Watt University
CE3372Hydraulics and Hydrology BHeriot-Watt University
ECE4314Physical Electronics and SemiconductorsHeriot-Watt University
ECE4377System ProjectHeriot-Watt University
ECE4332Electromechanical SystemsHeriot-Watt University
CONE2302Surveying and Monitoring in the Built and Natural EnvironmentHeriot-Watt University
CE3440Indeterminate StructuresHeriot-Watt University
CE4342Design of Steel ElementsHeriot-Watt University
CE1130Introduction to Engineering DesignHeriot-Watt University
CE2201Civil Engineering MaterialsHeriot-Watt University
CE3321Geotechnics A-Introduction to Soil MechanicsHeriot-Watt University
CS3368Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent AgentsHeriot-Watt University
CS1411Software Development 1Heriot-Watt University
CS3361Programming LanguagesHeriot-Watt University
CS2413Data Structures and AlgorithmsHeriot-Watt University
CS4392Data Communications and NetworkingHeriot-Watt University
MATH3350Ordinary Differential EquationsHeriot-Watt University
MATH2450Multivariable Calculus and Real Analysis AHeriot-Watt University
MATH2360Linear AlgebraHeriot-Watt University
MATH1452Multivariable Calculus and Real Analysis BHeriot-Watt University
ECE4325Network ApplicationsHeriot-Watt University
ECE4391Electrical Power and MachinesHeriot-Watt University
ECE4332High Frequency Circuit DesignHeriot-Watt University
ECE4382Advanced Digital ElectronicsHeriot-Watt University
ECE4332Communication Devices and SystemsHeriot-Watt University
ECE3362Hardware-Software InterfaceHeriot-Watt University
CS3365Software DesignHeriot-Watt University
ECE4332Distributed and Parallel TechnologiesHeriot-Watt University
CONE4031Cost Control PrinciplesHeriot-Watt University
CE4331Management Practice in ConstructionHeriot-Watt University
CONE4322Business Management in the Built EnvironmentHeriot-Watt University
CONE4031eConstructionHeriot-Watt University
BIOL4301Biology PracticalHeriot-Watt University
BIOL1402Animal BiologyHeriot-Watt University
HIST4397London: City of ChangeLondon South Bank University
CMI4301ExplorationManchester Metropolitan Univ
CMI4380NarrativeManchester Metropolitan Univ
English3385ShakespeareManchester Metropolitan Univ
EMC3355Technology, Audiences and GlobalisationManchester Metropolitan Univ
EMC4315Media MakingManchester Metropolitan Univ
EMC4301Classical Hollywood CinemaManchester Metropolitan Univ
ADV4301Advertising ManagementManchester Metropolitan Univ
EMC4301Digital Media and MarketingManchester Metropolitan Univ
ADV4301Consumer BehaviorManchester Metropolitan Univ
EMC3333Multimedia DevelopmentManchester Metropolitan Univ
EMC4301Intermediate StudioManchester Metropolitan Univ
EMC4301Television GenresManchester Metropolitan Univ
MKT3350Principles of MarketingManchester Metropolitan Univ
English2306Modern Drama Politics SocietyManchester Metropolitan Univ
PHIL2320Ethics and Social PhilosophyManchester Metropolitan Univ
THA2304Film History of TheoryManchester Metropolitan Univ
English3336Fin-de-Siecle Literature and CultureManchester Metropolitan Univ
English3308Nineteenth Century Writing to ModernismManchester Metropolitan Univ
English3309Postwar to the PresentManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM4341Business Management for Hospitality ManagementManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM3470Food and Beverage OperationsManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM2308Rooms Division and Facilities DesignManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM2310Hospitality Professional PracticeManchester Metropolitan Univ
HIST3399Tudor England: 1485-1603Manchester Metropolitan Univ
HIST3346From Pirates to Princes the Normans and Medieval Europe 900-1250Manchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC3325Women's Lives: National and International PerspectivesManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC3392Becoming a Social ResearcherManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC33--Communities, Crime, and ControlManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC33--Crime and MediaManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC3300Media and SocietyManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC3327Policing in Britain within a Global ContextManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC3393Sociological TheoryManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC4327Youth in CrisisManchester Metropolitan Univ
HDFS3321Body, Sexuality and CultureManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC4335Crime, Deviance and ControlManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC3368Deviant Youth LifestylesManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC33--Diversity, Difference and the Limits of CriminologyManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC33--Economics and CrimeManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC33--Extremism and RadicalismManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC3327Global Justice and Crime ControlManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC33--The Politics of ImprisonmentManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC4331Religion in the Contemporary WorldManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC3393The Sociological ImaginationManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC33--Undercover: The Art and Politics of DeceptionManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC3327Working with OffendersManchester Metropolitan Univ
PFP3381Personal Financial PlanningManchester Metropolitan Univ
JOUR4301Journalism and Media in SocietyManchester Metropolitan Univ
JOUR4301Feature WritingManchester Metropolitan Univ
JOUR3316Magazine JournalismManchester Metropolitan Univ
EMC4301Radio JournalismManchester Metropolitan Univ
JOUR4305Sports JournalismManchester Metropolitan Univ
POLS1301American Government and PoliticsManchester Metropolitan Univ
ESS/KIN3305Interdisciplinary Exercise ScienceManchester Metropolitan Univ
POLS3360Empire as a way of life US Foreign Policy since 1945Manchester Metropolitan Univ
MGT3376Understanding and Managing PeopleManchester Metropolitan Univ
PFP3376Investment Principles and RiskManchester Metropolitan Univ
POLS3300American EmpireManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM3350Researching the Tourist ExperienceManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM3---Food Policy and SocietyManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM4000The Art of Food and WineManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM4---Food Policy and Quality ManagementManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM3358Challenges of Culture in ServiceManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM3350Worldwide DestinationsManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM3350International TourismManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM3350Business TravelManchester Metropolitan Univ
EMC3315Creative Digital Media ProductionManchester Metropolitan Univ
JOUR4301Media Texts and EthicsManchester Metropolitan Univ
ESS/SPMT4356Commercial Aspects of SportManchester Metropolitan Univ
MKT4383Digital Media and Marketing PlatformsManchester Metropolitan Univ
NON-CreditInteAgency LifeManchester Metropolitan Univ
MKT4356Brand ManagementManchester Metropolitan Univ
PR4301PR Strategy and Campaign PlanningManchester Metropolitan Univ
MKT4383Consumer Behavior and CultureManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC43--Exploring ModernityManchester Metropolitan Univ
HIST3399The Historian's CraftManchester Metropolitan Univ
ART3325Photography Images, Narratives, Culture, and CaptureManchester Metropolitan Univ
POLS3361Introduction to World PoliticsManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC33--Third World StudiesManchester Metropolitan Univ
ECO3311Advanced Economic TheoryManchester Metropolitan Univ
MKT4359International Global MarketingManchester Metropolitan Univ
MKT4354Integrated Marketing CommunicationsManchester Metropolitan Univ
MGT4373Leadership in ContextManchester Metropolitan Univ
POLS3300Human RightsManchester Metropolitan Univ
MGT3375EntrepreneurshipManchester Metropolitan Univ
MGT4375Managing Across CulturesManchester Metropolitan Univ
MKT4359International Business StrategyManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC4325CriminologyManchester Metropolitan Univ
POLS3300War, Violence, and the Democratic StateManchester Metropolitan Univ
HIST2300American Ordeal: the United States in the Era of the Civil War and ReconstructionManchester Metropolitan Univ
HIST3399From Manchuria to Hiroshima: The Second World War in Asia and the PacificManchester Metropolitan Univ
POLS3301Twentieth Century Britain: Society, Culture, and PoliticsManchester Metropolitan Univ
MCOM3300Media, Culture, and SocietyManchester Metropolitan Univ
HIST3361British History and CultureManchester Metropolitan Univ
HIST4301Studies in SlaveryManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM4000SynergyManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM4312Food and Beverage ManagementManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM4000Developing a Hospitality BusinessManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM3358Organizational ManagementManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM4000Product Development and Food QualityManchester Metropolitan Univ
MKT4358International and Global MarketingManchester Metropolitan Univ
PSY2304SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGYManchester Metropolitan Univ
RHIM3345Events Industry and Special EventsManchester Metropolitan Univ
PSY2304Social and Community PsychologyManchester Metropolitan Univ
English2305Approaches to PoetryManchester Metropolitan Univ
KIN3305Systems PhysiologyManchester Metropolitan Univ
NOTTUApplied and Environmental PhysiologyManchester Metropolitan Univ
KIN3347Exercise and Nutritional PhysiologyManchester Metropolitan Univ
BIOL4301Infection & ImmunityManchester Metropolitan Univ
BIOL4301Microbiology and HealthManchester Metropolitan Univ
BIOL4301Human NeuroscienceManchester Metropolitan Univ
NoTTUBlood SciencesManchester Metropolitan Univ
BIOL4301Genetics, DNA, DiseaseManchester Metropolitan Univ
NoTTUHealth PhysiologyManchester Metropolitan Univ
SOC3368Sociological PsychologyManchester Metropolitan Univ
3368.IntrArtificial IntelligenceManchester Metropolitan Univ
4352.OperComputer Network & Operating SystemsManchester Metropolitan Univ
4354.ConcDatabase SystemsManchester Metropolitan Univ
ME4330Vibration and ControlManchester Metropolitan Univ
ME4330Automotive Design and ModellingManchester Metropolitan Univ
HIST2301Prohibition to the Swinging Sixties: American Society and Culture 1918-1969Manchester Metropolitan Univ
ART3301Introduction to CeramicsRichmond, The American International Univ
Art2---Drawing on LondonRichmond, The American International Univ
English3351Creative Writing Towards a CollectionRichmond, The American International Univ
Nonein PRise of the Right: History of FascismsRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT3375Introduction to EntrepreneurshipRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT4376Entrepreneurial Theory and PracticeRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT4377Entrepreneurship and Family BusinessRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT4386Entrepreneurship StrategyRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT4386Entrepreneurship and Business DevelopmentRichmond, The American International Univ
ART1---Pixel PlaygroundRichmond, The American International Univ
ART3325Foundations in PhotographyRichmond, The American International Univ
RTL2340Fashion Marketing and MerchandisingRichmond, The American International Univ
MKT4383Distribution and Retailing ManagementRichmond, The American International Univ
MKT3350Principles of MarketingRichmond, The American International Univ
MKT3352Consumer BehaviorRichmond, The American International Univ
MKT4358Global Marketing ManagementRichmond, The American International Univ
SOC33--Sociology of Culture and SubcultureRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS3300Modern BritainRichmond, The American International Univ
EMC4301Celebrity Fan CulturesRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT4381Research MethodsRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT4397Legal and Ethical Concepts in ManagementRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT4373LeadershipRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT4380Competition and StrategyRichmond, The American International Univ
ECO3333International EconomicsRichmond, The American International Univ
ART3325Photography Theory and practiceRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS3300Modern ChinaRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS3300British Politics Inside ParliamentRichmond, The American International Univ
HIST3399History of LondonRichmond, The American International Univ
MKT4359Developing and Managing SalesRichmond, The American International Univ
MKT4385Marketing Planning and StrategyRichmond, The American International Univ
SOC4331Sociology of Religion, Magic, and WitchcraftRichmond, The American International Univ
ECO3325Economic Problems of Developing CountriesRichmond, The American International Univ
PR4301Fashion and MediaRichmond, The American International Univ
MCOM3300Mass Communications and SocietyRichmond, The American International Univ
MCOM2320Writing for Marketing and BusinessRichmond, The American International Univ
CMLL2306Mainstream CinemaRichmond, The American International Univ
EMC4301International CinemaRichmond, The American International Univ
THA2304Gender in FilmRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN4327DerivativesRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN3320Financial ManagementRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS3366International Political EconomyRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT3374Human Resource ManagementRichmond, The American International Univ
SPMT1302Sports ManagementRichmond, The American International Univ
EMC4301COM 6415Richmond, The American International Univ
MKT4383Internet MarketingRichmond, The American International Univ
BA4383Managerial AccountingRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT5371Leadership and Strategic ChangeRichmond, The American International Univ
NOTTUSketchbook of FlorenceRichmond, The American International Univ
BA4383Financial AccountingRichmond, The American International Univ
ANTH3300Museums of London The Cultures of DisplayRichmond, The American International Univ
ART2---Art, Design, and MediaRichmond, The American International Univ
MCOM4000Cultural TheoryRichmond, The American International Univ
EMC3300New Media Cyber CultureRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN3320Corporate Finance A/BRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN3324Principles of InvestmentRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN3323Money and BankingRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN3323Financial Institutions and MarketsRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN4328International FinanceRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN4383Country Risk AnalysisRichmond, The American International Univ
ISQS3344Operations ManagementRichmond, The American International Univ
NOTTUCOMPARATIVE WORLD RELIGIONRichmond, The American International Univ
English3381British Fantasy WritingRichmond, The American International Univ
PSY4301Developmental PsychologyRichmond, The American International Univ
English3385Shakespeare and his World IRichmond, The American International Univ
NoTTUHistorical LondonRichmond, The American International Univ
PSY4000Personality, Individual Differences and IntelligenceRichmond, The American International Univ
English3381British Fantasy LiteratureRichmond, The American International Univ
EMC4301Script WritingRichmond, The American International Univ
EMC4301AdaptationsRichmond, The American International Univ
JOUR3316Feature WritingRichmond, The American International Univ
JOUR4301Entertainment, Arts, and the MediaRichmond, The American International Univ
MCOM3320Media EthicsRichmond, The American International Univ
EMC3308Introduction to Visual CultureRichmond, The American International Univ
PHOT3330Creating Digital ImagesRichmond, The American International Univ
JOUR3370International JournalismRichmond, The American International Univ
THA4000Film in the AmericasRichmond, The American International Univ
THA1301Acting SkillsRichmond, The American International Univ
THA3311Screen Acting TechniquesRichmond, The American International Univ
THA2---Modern Acting: Style and TechniqueRichmond, The American International Univ
THA3310Audition Techniques and CritiqueRichmond, The American International Univ
PSY3327Biological Basis of Human BehaviourRichmond, The American International Univ
EMC4301Introduction to Film StudiesRichmond, The American International Univ
THA2---Voice for Acting and BroadcastingRichmond, The American International Univ
THA4308Contemporary British Theatre: Lost Boys and Bad GirlsRichmond, The American International Univ
THA2---Classical ActingRichmond, The American International Univ
EMC3335Introduction to Film MakingRichmond, The American International Univ
Phil2300Introduction to PhilosophyRichmond, The American International Univ
THA4308World TheatreRichmond, The American International Univ
THA4308Modern DramaRichmond, The American International Univ
THA4308Classical British TheatreRichmond, The American International Univ
THA4308American Drama: The Beautiful and the DamnedRichmond, The American International Univ
THA4308Top Girls: Innovators and OutsidersRichmond, The American International Univ
ADV4301Communications for PR and AdvertisingRichmond, The American International Univ
ENGL3381British Fantasy Literature: Magic and MemoryRichmond, The American International Univ
PSY4305PsychopathologyRichmond, The American International Univ
HIST3399Rome and the East: Culture and Faith in Late AntiquityRichmond, The American International Univ
IB4383European Business EnvironmentRichmond, The American International Univ
ART3321Exploring Paint MediaRichmond, The American International Univ
TRANS1---Intermediate DrawingRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS1301Politics in the USARichmond, The American International Univ
EMC3335Video ProductionRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS3300Comparative MonarchiesRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN3320Corporate FinanceRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT4375Managing the Multinational CorporationRichmond, The American International Univ
MGT3376Organizational BehaviorRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN3321Financial Statement AnalysisRichmond, The American International Univ
ECO2302Intro to MacroeconomicsRichmond, The American International Univ
ECO2301Intro to MicroeconomicsRichmond, The American International Univ
ECO3325Behavioral EconomicsRichmond, The American International Univ
FIN4325The Global InvestorRichmond, The American International Univ
BA4383Intro to BusinessRichmond, The American International Univ
BA4383Foundations of BusinessRichmond, The American International Univ
EVHM1301Environmental Ethics Green PrinciplesRichmond, The American International Univ
GERM1501Elementary German IRichmond, The American International Univ
GERM1502Elementary German IIRichmond, The American International Univ
GERM2301Intermediate German IRichmond, The American International Univ
GERM2302Intermediate German IIRichmond, The American International Univ
GERM3305Advanced GermanRichmond, The American International Univ
GERM4305Hitler and the Third ReichRichmond, The American International Univ
HIST3367World War II and Central EuropeRichmond, The American International Univ
CMI4380From Script to ScreenRichmond, The American International Univ
ANTH3300Contemporary Austrian CultureRichmond, The American International Univ
ANTH3300Austrian Folk Art and Folk CustomsRichmond, The American International Univ
ART4---Museums and Galleries of LondonRichmond, The American International Univ
ARTH3---European Art and Architecture: Renaissance, and BaroqueRichmond, The American International Univ
MATH4342Probability and Statistics and IRichmond, The American International Univ
MATH4343Probability and Statistics IIRichmond, The American International Univ
PHIL3303The Modern European MindRichmond, The American International Univ
MCOM4301Creative ExpressionRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS3367International Conflicts and Conflict ResolutionRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS3---European IntegrationRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS3---Protection of Human RightsRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS3---A History of European Socialist ThinkingRichmond, The American International Univ
POLS3302The Rise of the Right: A History of FascismRichmond, The American International Univ
PSY3---Clinical PsychologyRichmond, The American International Univ
PSY3---Happiness and Well-BeingRichmond, The American International Univ
PSY3---Mind and LanguageRichmond, The American International Univ
PSY4324Cognitive ScienceRichmond, The American International Univ
PSY4327Cognitive NeuroscienceRichmond, The American International Univ
THA2303International CinemaRichmond, The American International Univ
THA2303AdaptationsRichmond, The American International Univ
PSY3---Introduction to Medical PsychologySwansea University
PSS2401EntomologySwansea University
MBIO3400MicrobiologySwansea University
MBIO4404Infectious Disease and ParasitologySwansea University
BIOL14--Evolutionary and Molecular GeneticsSwansea University
BIOL1401Plants and AlgaeSwansea University
BIOL3309BiodiversitySwansea University
BIOL4301Climate Change BiologySwansea University
BIOL4301Eukaryotic Cell BiologySwansea University
BIOL4301Human and Medical GeneticsSwansea University
BIOL4301BiostatisticsSwansea University
BIOL4301Carbohydrate Metabolism and GlycobiologySwansea University
BIOL4301Microbial Molecular GeneticsSwansea University
BIOL4301Genetic Analysis IISwansea University
BIOL4301Human Physiology IISwansea University
BIOL4301AnatomySwansea University
BIOL4301Human Physiology ISwansea University
CE3305Fluid Mechanics ISwansea University
ME2115Problem Solving in Engineering with MatlabSwansea University
IE3341Statistical Methods in EngineeringSwansea University
ME2322Thermodynamics ISwansea University
ME2301Engineering MechanicsSwansea University
ME3311Introduction to Materials EngineeringSwansea University
ME3322Thermodynamics 2Swansea University
ME4334Control SystemsSwansea University
CE4331Computer Aided EngineeringSwansea University
ME3403Strength of MaterialsSwansea University
ME4330Design and Laboratory Classes 1Swansea University
ME4330Engineering Design 1Swansea University
ME4330Stress Analysis 1Swansea University
ME3365Design of Machine ElementsSwansea University
ME4376Manufacturing Technology IISwansea University
ME4330Mechanical Engineering Design 2Swansea University
ME4330Fluid Mechanics 2Swansea University
CE4000Engineering SustainabilitySwansea University
CE2201Introduction to Civil Engineering MaterialsSwansea University
CONE2302Highway Design and SurveyingSwansea University
CE3340Civil Engineering Structural Analysis PracticeSwansea University
CE4343Reinforced Concrete DesignSwansea University
CE3321Basic Soil MechanicsSwansea University
CE3303Structural Mechanics IIaSwansea University
CE4342Steel DesignSwansea University
CE3440Structural Mechanics IIbSwansea University
CE3354Hydrology and Unsteady FlowSwansea University
CE4331Finite Element MethodSwansea University
ECE4232Power ElectronicsSwansea University
ECE4343Power SystemsSwansea University
ECE4341Microwave Circuits and AntennasSwansea University
ECE4323Design ElectronicsSwansea University
ECE4314Semiconductor TechnologySwansea University
ECE3341ElectromagneticsSwansea University
ECE4332Instrumentation and ControlSwansea University
ECE3303Signals and SystemsSwansea University
ECE 336MicrocontrollersSwansea University
ECE3302Circuit AnalysisSwansea University
ECE3301Power EngineeringSwansea University
ECE4332Functional and Smart MaterialsSwansea University
ECE3342Introduction to ElectromagneticsSwansea University
ECE3311Electronic CircuitsSwansea University
ECE4391Electrical MachinesSwansea University
ECE4314Electronic Materials and DevicesSwansea University
ECE1305Software EngineeringSwansea University
ANSC3318Animal BehaviourSwansea University
CE4340Structural DynamicsUniversity College London
NOTTUTransport StudiesUniversity College London
CE4343Civil Engineering MaterialsUniversity College London
IE2311Financial Aspects of Project EngineeringUniversity College London
CE3309Water and Wastewater TreatmentUniversity College London
CE4340Structural Mechanics IIIUniversity College London
CE4330Environmental Engineering DesignUniversity College London
CHE4000Molecular ThermodynamicsUniversity College London
CHE3326Process Heat TransferUniversity College London
CHE2421ThermodynamicsUniversity College London
CHE4000Computational Modelling and AnalysisUniversity College London
MATH1452Mathematical Methods IUniversity College London
MATH2450Mathematical Methods IIUniversity College London
GEOL2---Stratigraphical PrinciplesUniversity of Aberdeen
GEOL4324Petroleum Geology and Reservoir CharacterisationUniversity of Aberdeen
GEOL3401Petrology and MineralogyUniversity of Aberdeen
GEOL4321Igneous and Metamorphic PetrologyUniversity of Aberdeen
GPH2333GeophysicsUniversity of Aberdeen
GEOL3324Introduction to Geology for Petroleum EngineersUniversity of Aberdeen
GEOL4324Principles of Petroleum GeologyUniversity of Aberdeen
TRAN1---The Earth Through Geological TimeUniversity of Aberdeen
GEOL4201Field and Mapping TechniquesUniversity of Aberdeen
GEOL3305Structural Geology and TectonicsUniversity of Aberdeen
ZOOL2404Physiology of Human CellsUniversity of Aberdeen
Math2450Advanced CalculusUniversity of Aberdeen
Math3350Engineering Mathematics IIUniversity of Aberdeen
CE3305Fluid Mechanics AUniversity of Aberdeen
che3322Chemical ThermodynamicsUniversity of Aberdeen
GEOL3324Intro to Geology for Petrol. Eng.University of Aberdeen
Math1331Mathematical and statistical methods in economicsUniversity of Aberdeen
Math1351Engineering MathematicsUniversity of Aberdeen
Math3342ProbabilityUniversity of Aberdeen
Math2300Understanding DataUniversity of Aberdeen
Phys1408The Physical Universe AUniversity of Aberdeen
Phys1401Understanding the Physical WorldUniversity of Aberdeen
Phys3305Electricity and MagnetismUniversity of Aberdeen
CE4333Fluid DynamicsUniversity of Aberdeen
CE3305Fluid MechanicsUniversity of Aberdeen
CE3305Fluid Mechanics and ThermodynamicsUniversity of Aberdeen
CE3303Solids and StructuresUniversity of Aberdeen
ME2322Engineering ThermodynamicsUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Environmental PollutionUniversity of Aberdeen
ECE3301Principles of ElectronicsUniversity of Aberdeen
ECE4332Electrical Power Engineering AUniversity of Aberdeen
ECE3311Electronics DesignUniversity of Aberdeen
ECE2372Digital Electronic Systems AUniversity of Aberdeen
CE4331Fundamentals of Engineering MaterialsUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL23--Physiology of Human CelssUniversity of Aberdeen
English3324The Gilded AgeUniversity of Aberdeen
English4321Frankenstien to EinstienUniversity of Aberdeen
English3302Knights, Virgins, and Viragos Chaucer and Medival WritingUniversity of Aberdeen
English3307Union, Enlightenment and ModerninityUniversity of Aberdeen
CE3321Geotechnics IUniversity of Aberdeen
ANTH2302Introduction to AnthropologyUniversity of Aberdeen
ANTH2304Global Worlds, Local ChallengesUniversity of Aberdeen
NOTTUModern and Contemporary ArtUniversity of Aberdeen
English3308Reading the VictoriansUniversity of Aberdeen
PHIL2300How Should One Live?University of Aberdeen
PHIL2300Life, Death, and MeaningUniversity of Aberdeen
English3302Arthur and Finn, Beowulf and Alfred the GreatUniversity of Aberdeen
HIST3345Vikings!University of Aberdeen
CE4333Process EngineeringUniversity of Aberdeen
NoTTUCommunication and Language in Contemporary SocietyUniversity of Aberdeen
EGR1207CAD and Communication in Engineering PracticeUniversity of Aberdeen
ME3371Heat, Mass and Momentum TransferUniversity of Aberdeen
ME4334Control SystemsUniversity of Aberdeen
ECE3303Signals, Systems and Signal ProcessingUniversity of Aberdeen
CS1412C/C++ ProgrammingUniversity of Aberdeen
ECE2372Electronic SystemsUniversity of Aberdeen
ME3333VibrDynamics IUniversity of Aberdeen
ME4330Design and ComputingUniversity of Aberdeen
CE3302Structural Dynamics 1AUniversity of Aberdeen
CE4000Civil Engineering Design & Surveying & Hydrology Field TripUniversity of Aberdeen
IE 43Project and Safety ManagementUniversity of Aberdeen
CE4340Mechanics of StructuresUniversity of Aberdeen
PETR3307Drilling and Well EngineeringUniversity of Aberdeen
CE4343Design of Structural ElementsUniversity of Aberdeen
ECE4332Electrical and Mechanical SystemsUniversity of Aberdeen
ece3332Electrical and Electronics Engineering DesignUniversity of Aberdeen
che3341Separation Processes 1University of Aberdeen
che3323Chemical Reaction EngineeringUniversity of Aberdeen
che4000Process ModellingUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Evolution and DevelopmentUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Development of Organ SystemsUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Principles of Developmental and Reproductive BiologyUniversity of Aberdeen
ARTH2---European Baroque: From Caravaggio to RembrandtUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Cardiovascular Physiology & PharmacologyUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Molecular Biology of the GeneUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Physiology of Human CellsUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301The Molecular Control of the Cell FunctionUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Human Embryonic DevelopmentUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Architecture of LifeUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Neuroscience & NeuropharmacologyUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL3320The Molecular Biology of the CellUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL3416GeneticsUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Frontiers of Molecular Medical SciencesUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Research Skills for Medical SciencesUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Foundation Skills for Medical SciencesUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Epithelial PhysiologyUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Molecular ToxicologyUniversity of Aberdeen
BIOL4301Mechanisms of Disease & Principles of ChemotherapyUniversity of Aberdeen
KIN3305Introduction to the Science of Sport, Exercise & HealthUniversity of Aberdeen
KIN3305Exercise PhysiologyUniversity of Aberdeen
KIN3306Exercise & HealthUniversity of Aberdeen
KIN3347Biochemistry & Nutrition of ExerciseUniversity of Aberdeen
MATH1320Introductory MathematicsUniversity of Aberdeen
MATH1321Introductory MathematicsUniversity of Aberdeen
MATH1451Introductory MathematicsUniversity of Aberdeen
MBIO4402Applied Immunology Human HealthUniversity of Aberdeen
MBIO4402Fundamentals of ImmunologyUniversity of Aberdeen
MBIO3401Molecular MicrobiologyUniversity of Aberdeen
PSY3327Brain Function and MalfunctionUniversity of Aberdeen
PSY3345Sports PsychologyUniversity of Aberdeen
ZOOL2403Human Anatomy BUniversity of Aberdeen
ZOOL2403Human Anatomy AUniversity of Aberdeen
PSY4332Behaviour, Health and Well-BeingUniversity of Aberdeen
CS2413COMPSCI 5004University of Glasgow
Math1451ENG 1063University of Glasgow
Math2450MATHS 2001University of Glasgow
PHYS1408PHYS 1001University of Glasgow
ECE4314Electronic Devices 2University of Glasgow
ECE3306Electrical Circuits 2University of Glasgow
ECE3362Microelectronic Systems IUniversity of Glasgow
CS2413Algorithms and Data StructuresUniversity of Glasgow
FIN3320FinanceUniversity of Glasgow
FIN4328International Financial ManagementUniversity of Glasgow
FIN4327Derivative SecuritiesUniversity of Glasgow
FIN3324Capital Markets and Portfolio ManagementUniversity of Glasgow
FIN4328International FinanceUniversity of Glasgow
FIN3320Financial ManagementUniversity of Glasgow
FIN3320Finance 1University of Glasgow
FIN3323Financial Markets and Financial InstitutionsUniversity of Glasgow
FIN3321Financial Statement AnalysisUniversity of Glasgow
MGT3375Corporate Entrepreneurship and InnovationUniversity of Glasgow
MGT4376New Venture PlanningUniversity of Glasgow
NOTTUManagerial and Organizational ContextUniversity of Glasgow
MGT3370Organizations and ManagementUniversity of Glasgow
MGT4383Project ManagementUniversity of Glasgow
MGT4386Entrepreneurship and Business PlanningUniversity of Glasgow
MGT3374Human Resource ManagementUniversity of Glasgow
MGT4397EthicsUniversity of Glasgow
MKT3350MarketingUniversity of Glasgow
NOTTUMarketing E1University of Glasgow
NOTTUInternational StrategyUniversity of Glasgow
MKT4354Marketing CommunicationsUniversity of Glasgow
NOTTUMarketing ResearchUniversity of Glasgow
NOTTUContemporary Issues in Consumer BehaviorUniversity of Glasgow
NOTTUServices MarketingUniversity of Glasgow
NOTTUConsumer BehaviorUniversity of Glasgow
ANTH3300Archaeology of ScotlandUniversity of Glasgow
ANTH3300Introduction to Scottish CultureUniversity of Glasgow
English2305English Literature 1A Poetry and PoeticsUniversity of Glasgow
NOTTUNew Testament GreekUniversity of Glasgow
HIST1300History 1A Scotlands Millennium Kingdom, Union, and Nation 1000-1999University of Glasgow
ART3325Black and White PhotographyUniversity of Glasgow
ACCT4383AuditingUniversity of Glasgow
MATH2450Mathematics 2d: Topics in Linear Algebra and CalculusUniversity of Glasgow
ENGL2---Scottish Literature 1A Approaching Scottish LiteratureUniversity of Glasgow
BIOL1402Animal Biology, Evolution, and Ecology 2University of Glasgow
BIOL4301Gene, Molecules and Cells 2University of Glasgow
trysubmHealth NeuroscienceUniversity of Glasgow
BIOL4301Biomolecular Sciences 3AUniversity of Glasgow
BIOL4301Cell Compartmentalisation and Function optionUniversity of Glasgow
ME4330Engineering for Manufacture and AutomationUniversity of Hull
ME4330Materials Processing, Selection and the EnvironmentUniversity of Hull
ME4330Engineering Systems and Lifecycle EngineeringUniversity of Hull
MGT3370Managing in OrganisationsUniversity of Hull
POLS1301Understanding AmericaUniversity of Hull
ECE4332Circuits, Devices and Systems IUniversity of Hull
ECE4332Circuits, Devices and Systems IIUniversity of Hull
ECE4332Digital Systems DesignUniversity of Hull
ECE4332Discrete Time Signal Processing and Integrated Circuit DesignUniversity of Hull
ECE3301Electronic Circuits and DevicesUniversity of Hull
ECE1304Electrical and Electronic Applications AUniversity of Hull
ECE1---Circuits, Devices and Electrical SystemsUniversity of Hull
ECE4332Electrical Machines and Power SystemsUniversity of Hull
Phys1403Foundation PhysicsUniversity of Hull
Math2450Engineering Mathematics IIUniversity of Hull
Math2360Vector and Linear AlgebraUniversity of Hull
Math3342Introduction to Probability and StatisticsUniversity of Hull
Math4342Statistical Inference and MethodsUniversity of Hull
Math3351Partial Differential EquationsUniversity of Hull
Math1452Engineering Mathematics IUniversity of Hull
ISQS3348Database Design and ImplementationUniversity of Hull
ISQS4348Information Systems DevelopmentUniversity of Hull
ISQS2340Information SystemsUniversity of Hull
che2410Chemical Thermodynamics and Process SimulationUniversity of Hull
che4000Chemical Engineering DesignUniversity of Hull
ME3370Fluid DynamicsUniversity of Hull
Me4330Dynamics and Vibration of Mechanical SystemsUniversity of Hull
ECO3325The UK Economy MicroeconomicsUniversity of Manchester
PHIL2300Mind and WorldUniversity of Manchester
Math1451Mathematics 1University of Manchester
Math3342Mathematics 2University of Manchester
CE3305Hydraulics 1University of Manchester
CE3440Structural and Stress AnalysisUniversity of Manchester
CE4331Dynamics 2University of Manchester
Math2450Partial Differential Equations and Vector Calculus AUniversity of Manchester
GEOL4324Introduction to Petroleum GeologyUniversity of Manchester
Math1451Calculus and Vectors AUniversity of Manchester
POLS3361Introduction to PoliticsUniversity of Manchester
ME3---DynamicsUniversity of Manchester
GEOL4324Fundamentals of Petroleum GeoscienceUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUMarketing FoundationsUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUMarketingUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUFundamentals of ManagementUniversity of Manchester
GEOL4300Subsurface TechniqueUniversity of Manchester
ISQS3358Business Intelligence and Big Data AnalyticsUniversity of Manchester
ISQS4383Advanced Business Information SystemsUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUFinancial Decision MakingUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUFundamentals of FinanceUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUInvestment AnalysisUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUFinancial Statement AnalysisUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUFinancial Markets and InstitutionsUniversity of Manchester
FIN4383Merers and AcquisitionsUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUShare Prices and Accounting InformationUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUFinancial DerivativesUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUAdvanced Corporate FinanceUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUStrategy, Organization and CompetitionUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUNew Product Development and InnovationUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUOrganizations and EmploymentUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUGlobal Contexts of Business and ManagementUniversity of Manchester
MGT4383International BusinessUniversity of Manchester
MGT4383International Business StrategyUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUStrategyUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUHuman Resource ManagementUniversity of Manchester
NOTTUConsumers and MarketsUniversity of Manchester
ACCT4301Accountability and AuditingUniversity of Manchester
CE4200Civil Engineering PracticeUniversity of Manchester
CE3354Water Engineering IUniversity of Manchester
CE4330Design 2 CivilUniversity of Manchester
CE3302Mechanics CivilUniversity of Manchester
CE3321Geotechnics IUniversity of Manchester
CE2201Materials IUniversity of Manchester
CS4331Logic and ModellingUniversity of Manchester
CS4354Fundamentals of DatabasesUniversity of Manchester
CS4331Data EngineeringUniversity of Manchester
ECE3362MicrocontrollersUniversity of Manchester
CS3368Fundamentals of Artificial IntelligenceUniversity of Manchester
CS2365Object Oriented ProgrammingUniversity of Manchester
MATH3351Mathematics of Waves and FieldsUniversity of Manchester
MATH3342Introduction to StatisticsUniversity of Manchester
math3350Calculus and Applications AUniversity of Manchester
CS3375System ArchitectureUniversity of Manchester
PHYs2401Electricity and MagnetismUniversity of Manchester
HIST2301From Reconstruction to Reagan: American History, 1877-1988University of Manchester
CS4331Cyber SecurityUniversity of Manchester
GEOL1101Introduction to Environmental ProcessUniversity of Manchester
BIOL4301Fundamentals of BacteriologyUniversity of Manchester
BIOL4301Current Topics in MicrobiologyUniversity of Manchester
ECE3304Introduction to Digital Signal ProcessingUniversity of Sheffield
ECE4314Semiconductor ElectronicsUniversity of Sheffield
ECE4316Power ElectronicsUniversity of Sheffield
MATH2---Mathematics and Statistics in ActionUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5340Research Design in analysis of Terrestrial SystemsUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5304Living with Climate Change in the Global SouthUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5310Key Issues in Environment and DevelopmentUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5303Urban and Regional InequalitiesUniversity of Sheffield
GIST5300Practical GIS Skills for Masters ResearchUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5310Professional Skills for DevelopmentUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5304Understanding Environmental ChangeUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5309Ideas and Practice in International DevelopmentUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5309Living with Environmental Change in the Global SouthUniversity of Sheffield
CE3372Design and Performance of Urban DrainageUniversity of Sheffield
CE3302Dynamics of Structures and MachinesUniversity of Sheffield
CE4331TectonicsUniversity of Sheffield
BIOL1305Ecosystems and Environmental ChangeUniversity of Sheffield
Math4350Advanced Calculus and Linear AlgebraUniversity of Sheffield
Math2360Linear Mathematics for ApplicationsUniversity of Sheffield
Math4342Statistics CoreUniversity of Sheffield
CE3309Water and WastewaterUniversity of Sheffield
CE4333Introduction to Sustainability and Environmental EngineeringUniversity of Sheffield
CE4333Modelling for Water EngineersUniversity of Sheffield
CE3321Geotechnical Engineering 2aUniversity of Sheffield
PHIL2320Ethics: Theoretical and PracticalUniversity of Sheffield
PHIL2---Feminism: Rationality and PoliticsUniversity of Sheffield
NOTTUPlatoUniversity of Sheffield
BIOL3320Cell BiologyUniversity of Sheffield
NOTTUMedia Society and International CrisesUniversity of Sheffield
Thereis nGeneral Lab ChemistryUniversity of Sheffield
PHYS1408Mechanics, Waves, Optics, and Special RelativityUniversity of Sheffield
PHIL1310Reason and ArgumentUniversity of Sheffield
ECE3301Electric CircuitsUniversity of Sheffield
CE4000Design of Engineering ComponentsUniversity of Sheffield
GERM2312Representing the HolocaustUniversity of Sheffield
CMLL1301German BeginnerUniversity of Sheffield
CE4343Composite Steel and Concrete ConstructionUniversity of Sheffield
CE3341Structural DesignUniversity of Sheffield
CE3321Geotechnical DesignUniversity of Sheffield
CE3372Urban Drainage EngineeringUniversity of Sheffield
CE4363HydrogeologyUniversity of Sheffield
CE4333Computational Fluid DynamicsUniversity of Sheffield
ME3370Fludis EngineeringUniversity of Sheffield
ME4330Aerodynamic DesignUniversity of Sheffield
ME4330Structural VibrationUniversity of Sheffield
CS2365Java ProgrammingUniversity of Sheffield
HIST3374The Soviet Union 1917-1991University of Sheffield
BIOL4301MicrobiologyUniversity of Sheffield
MUHL2307Music of the WorldUniversity of Sheffield
ME3311Materials ProcessingUniversity of Sheffield
ENGR2392The Professional Responsibility of EngineersUniversity of Sheffield
ME4330Reciprocating EnginesUniversity of Sheffield
ME4330Manufacturing SystemsUniversity of Sheffield
ME4360Renewable EnergyUniversity of Sheffield
CS2365Object-Oriented Design and Programming with JavaUniversity of Sheffield
CS5383Logic and ComputationUniversity of Sheffield
CS2413Introduction to Algorithms and Data StructuresUniversity of Sheffield
CS5331Computer Security and ForensicsUniversity of Sheffield
CS43953D Computer GraphicsUniversity of Sheffield
CS5374Software and Hardware VerificationUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5304Sources of Sinks FieldclassUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5304Environmental Process FluxesUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5304Understiand Environmental ChangeUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5304Current Issues in Environmental SciencesUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5304Current Issues in Environmental AnalysisUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5304Current Issues in Polar & Alpine ScienceUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5309Ideas & Practice in International DevelopmentUniversity of Sheffield
GEOG5340Research Design in Physical GeographyUniversity of Sheffield
PSY2---Developmental PsychologyUniversity Of Stirling
PSY3---Social PsychologyUniversity Of Stirling
PSY3---The Social MindUniversity Of Stirling
PSY3---Psychology in ContextUniversity Of Stirling
POLS3301The European Union in International PoliticsUniversity Of Stirling
POLS3301Political Concepts and IdeasUniversity Of Stirling
POLS3301Great Political ThinkersUniversity Of Stirling
POLS3302World Politics from the Great War to the Contemporary CrisisUniversity Of Stirling
POLS3302People and Power: Politics of the British IslesUniversity Of Stirling
POLS3302Citizenship, Democracy, and RepresentationUniversity Of Stirling
POLS3302Direct Democracy and ReferendumsUniversity Of Stirling
PSY4332Clinical and Health PsychologyUniversity Of Stirling
THA2304Experimental CinemaUniversity Of Stirling
PSY4324CognitionUniversity Of Stirling
POLS3303Policy and Policymaking in the UKUniversity Of Stirling
POLS3329Political Economy and Global EnvironmentUniversity Of Stirling
MBIO4402Immunology and Evolution of Infectious DiseaseUniversity Of Stirling
JCMI2302Editing and WorkflowUniversity Of Stirling
JOUR2300Journalism and SocietyUniversity Of Stirling
JOUR2300Contemporary Journalism PracticeUniversity Of Stirling
JOUR3311Digital JournalismUniversity Of Stirling
JOUR3312Advanced Reporting for JournalistsUniversity Of Stirling
JOUR3316Magazine JournalismUniversity Of Stirling
JOUR3355Ethical Issues in JournalismUniversity Of Stirling
MCOM1301Digital CreativityUniversity Of Stirling
MCOM2320Writing for Journalists 1University Of Stirling
MCOM4301Understanding AudiencesUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL3320The Distribution of Property: Defending InequalitiesUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL3320Political PhilosophyUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL3330Philosophy of ScienceUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL3340Philosophy of MindUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL4320Moral TheoryUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL4330Introduction to EpistemologyUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL4340MetaphysicsUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL4341Action and FreedomUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL2---Practical ReasoningUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL2---Mind, Value and RealityUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL2300Philosophy: What is it all About?University Of Stirling
PHIL2310LogicUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL3---PerceptionUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL3301Reason, Desire and the Good: Themes in Aristotle's EthicsUniversity Of Stirling
PHIL3303Rationalism and EmpiricismUniversity Of Stirling
CMI3340Content Development and ResearchUniversity Of Stirling
CMI3345The Moving ImageUniversity Of Stirling
CMI3345Feminism and TelevisionUniversity Of Stirling
CMI4301Reading Film & TelevisionUniversity Of Stirling
CMI4301Radio Feature ProductionUniversity Of Stirling
CMI4301Radio Drama ProductionUniversity Of Stirling
CMI4301Global Film as/and PhilosophyUniversity Of Stirling
CMI4301Gender and RepresentationUniversity Of Stirling
CMI4301Documentary Film and TelevisionUniversity Of Stirling
BIOL4301Gabon Field CourseUniversity Of Stirling
BIOL3405Plant EcologyUniversity Of Stirling
BIOL3410Molecular Techniques 2University Of Stirling
BIOL3410Molecular TechniquesUniversity Of Stirling
BIOL4310Population and Community EcologyUniversity Of Stirling
BIOL4340Omics and Systems BiologyUniversity Of Stirling
MATH4000Mathematics II - Engineering MathematicsUniversity of Surrey
COMS1301Interpersonal CommunicationUniversity of Surrey
ECE3311Electronics IIUniversity of Surrey
ECE1305Computer and Programming IUniversity of Surrey
ECE3303Electronics IIIUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Electronics IVUniversity of Surrey
ECE4325Communications and NetworksUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Electronics and Photonics DevicesUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Space Engineering and Mission DesignUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Media ProcessingUniversity of Surrey
ECE3353Control EngineeringUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Digital CommunicationsUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Data and Internet NetworkingUniversity of Surrey
ECE4364Digital Signal Processing AUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Digital Processing BUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Dynamics and Control of SpacecraftUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332OptoelectronicsUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Spacecraft Bus SubsystemsUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Silicon Device TechnologyUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Space MissionsUniversity of Surrey
ECE4316Power ElectronicsUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Digital Design with VHDLUniversity of Surrey
ECE4363Computer Vision and Pattern RecognitionUniversity of Surrey
ECE4341RF and Microwave FundamentalsUniversity of Surrey
ECVE4325IP Networking Protocols and TechnologiesUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Nanoscience and NanotechnologyUniversity of Surrey
CONE2302Surveying, Measurement, and Health and SafetyUniversity of Surrey
CE4333Hydraulics and Environmental QualityUniversity of Surrey
CE3372Fluid Mechanics and Pipe HydraulicsUniversity of Surrey
CE4361Transportation and Highways EngineeringUniversity of Surrey
GEOL1303Engineering GeologyUniversity of Surrey
CE3303StructuresUniversity of Surrey
CE2201Construction MaterialsUniversity of Surrey
CE3440Structural Mechanics and AnalysisUniversity of Surrey
CE3321Geotechnical Engineering 1University of Surrey
CE3321Soil MechanicsUniversity of Surrey
RHIM3460Aspects of FoodUniversity of Surrey
ACCT2301Introduction to AccountingUniversity of Surrey
RHIM4332Understanding Service DeliveryUniversity of Surrey
RHIM3341International Hospitality Operations ManagementUniversity of Surrey
RHIM4348Hotel Revenue ManagementUniversity of Surrey
MKT3350Marketing PrinciplesUniversity of Surrey
RHIM3470Restaurant ManagementUniversity of Surrey
RHIM3470Restaurant OperationsUniversity of Surrey
CE4330Scientific FundamentalsUniversity of Surrey
che2410Mass and Energy BalancesUniversity of Surrey
che3322Chemical Thermodynamics and LaboratoryUniversity of Surrey
che3341Separation Processes 2University of Surrey
ME3403Solid Mechanics IUniversity of Surrey
MGT4383Engineering ManagementUniversity of Surrey
NOTTUExperimental and Transferable SkillsUniversity of Surrey
MATH2360Linear AlgebraUniversity of Surrey
ECE3301Electronic Instrumentation IUniversity of Surrey
ME3215Numerical and Experimental MethodsUniversity of Surrey
ME4330Aircraft Structures and MaterialsUniversity of Surrey
BIOL4301ANIMAL BIOLOGYUniversity of Surrey
English2305UNDERSTANDING POETRYUniversity of Surrey
English2307DETECTIVE FICTIONUniversity of Surrey
English2306UNDERSTANDING DRAMAUniversity of Surrey
FDSC2300Food Science: Perception, Processing, and PreservationUniversity of Surrey
HLTH1300Principles of Exercise, Fitness and HealthUniversity of Surrey
ThiscourIntroduction to Analytical ChemistryUniversity of Surrey
NOTTUIntroduction to Physical ChemistryUniversity of Surrey
BIOL4301Cellular Microbiology and VirologyUniversity of Surrey
BIOL4301Molecular Biology and GeneticsUniversity of Surrey
BIOL4320Molecular Biology and Genetics - Genes and their FunctionsUniversity of Surrey
KIN3346Anatomy and KinesiologyUniversity of Surrey
SeecommSPANISH LANGUAGE IUniversity of Surrey
NoTTUFluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics IUniversity of Surrey
COMS4310Debates in British PoliticsUniversity of Surrey
NS2310Food Science and NutritionUniversity of Surrey
NoTTUMonsters, Mystics, and DemonsUniversity of Surrey
MATH1451Mathematics 1University of Surrey
MATH3350Ordinary Differential EquationsUniversity of Surrey
SPAN3305Spanish Language IIUniversity of Surrey
THA5312International Arts ProgrammingUniversity of Surrey
NoTTUProduction Theory Design and PracticeUniversity of Surrey
PSY4000Clincal PSychologyUniversity of Surrey
PSY4000Conceptual and Historical Issues in PsychologyUniversity of Surrey
SOC1301Making Sense of Everyday LifeUniversity of Surrey
ART1309Art, Popular Cutlure, and SocietyUniversity of Surrey
FDSC3302Food Analysis and Quality ControlUniversity of Surrey
MATH3350Mathematics 2University of Surrey
ENGL2324History of English Literature IIUniversity of Surrey
SOC2333Introduction to Criminal Justice SystemsUniversity of Surrey
SOC4325Introduction to Criminological TheoriesUniversity of Surrey
NOTTUPolitics of CrisisUniversity of Surrey
SOC3300Qualitative Field Methods: Interviews and EthnographyUniversity of Surrey
NOTTUSocial and Political Thinkers from Machiavellie to KeynesUniversity of Surrey
CONE2302Civil Engineering Practice and SurveyingUniversity of Surrey
4392.CompComputer NetworkingUniversity of Surrey
ME4330Control and DynamicsUniversity of Surrey
CS2413.DataData Structures and AlgorithmsUniversity of Surrey
ME3311Engineering MaterialsUniversity of Surrey
CE3354Environmental Engineering and HydrologyUniversity of Surrey
CS2365ObjeObject Oriented Design and C++University of Surrey
CS3365Software EngineeringUniversity of Surrey
CE3341Structural DesignUniversity of Surrey
CE4340Structural EngineeringUniversity of Surrey
che3322Chemical Engineering ThermodynamicsUniversity of Surrey
ECE4314Electrical Science IUniversity of Surrey
ECE4310Electrical Science IIUniversity of Surrey
ECE4362Semiconductor Devices and OptoelectronicsUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332RoboticsUniversity of Surrey
ECE4343Electrical Machines and Power SystemsUniversity of Surrey
MATH3342Mathematical StatisticsUniversity of Surrey
ECE4332Audio and Video ProcessingUniversity of Surrey
CS4379Parallel ComputingUniversity of Surrey
CS4391Deep Learning and Advanced AIUniversity of Surrey
CS4331Distributed SystemsUniversity of Surrey
CS4331Mainframe ComputingUniversity of Surrey
CS4331Systems VerificationUniversity of Surrey
CS4331Mobile ComputingUniversity of Surrey
NoTTURomantic LiteratureUniversity of Surrey
ENGL3325The American CenturyUniversity of Surrey
ENGL3311Victorian Literature and CultureUniversity of Surrey
SPAN3306Contemporary Spain IUniversity of Surrey
FCSI2308Fundamentals of Forensic Science for Social ScientistsUniversity of Surrey
ENGL2323History of English Literature IUniversity of Surrey
POLS2---Migration and the Politics of IdentityUniversity of Surrey
ENGL2381Science FictionUniversity of Surrey
CS2365C++ AND OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGNUniversity of Surrey
ENGL3303Medieval Women's WritingUniversity of Surrey
POLS3302Them and Us: Comparative Government & PoliticsUniversity of Surrey
ENGL3351Advanced Creative Theories and PracticeUniversity of Surrey
ENGL3339Contemporary Literature: Gender and SexualityUniversity of Surrey
ENGL2323Early Modern LiteratureUniversity of Surrey
ENGL2307Understanding the NovelUniversity of Surrey
POLS3302Evolution of an Integrated EuropeUniversity of Surrey
BIOL13--IS 044University of Sussex
BIOL13--IS 045University of Sussex
HDFS3312IS 062University of Sussex
PHYS1408IS 128University of Sussex
Phys2401IS 129University of Sussex
NOTTUIS 266University of Sussex
Art1309Museums and Material CultureUniversity of Sussex
English3388British FilmUniversity of Sussex
PHIL2300Introduction to PhilosophyUniversity of Sussex
NOTTUYouth and Youth Cultures in Modern BritainUniversity of Sussex
PSY3---Psychology and Social IssuesUniversity of Sussex
THA1303British TheatreUniversity of Sussex
SOC3335Gender Violence and SocietyUniversity of Sussex
SOC1301Introduction to SociologyUniversity of Sussex
HIST3399Global HistoryUniversity of Sussex
English3304Love, Sex, and DeathUniversity of Sussex
PSY4384Forensic and Investigative PsychologyUniversity of Sussex
NS3340Nutrition Through the LifestyleUniversity of Ulster
MBIO3401Principles of MicrobiologyUniversity of Ulster
ANTH3300Irish StudiesUniversity of Ulster
ME2302Engineering Fundamentals 2 DynamicsUniversity of Ulster
ECE3362Microcontroller SystemsUniversity of Ulster
MGT3374Managing PeopleUniversity Of Westminster
ISQS4350Project and Programme ManagementUniversity Of Westminster
FIN4383International InvestmentsUniversity Of Westminster
FIN4383Financial Management and StrategyUniversity Of Westminster