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List of all courses available in Japan

TTU CourseForeign CoursePartner Institution
JAPN4300JPN Level 4 AdvancedJapan Center for Michigan Universities
ANTH3---Japanese Culture and SocietyJapan Center for Michigan Universities
ANTH3300Japanese Culture & Civilization: Buddhism in Theory and PracticeJapan Center for Michigan Universities
Lower-divisionblocJapanese Culture and Society Social and Cultural PsychologyJapan Center for Michigan Universities
POLS3366Japanese Economy and BusinessJapan Center for Michigan Universities
JAPN1501Elementary Japanese Level 1Japan Center for Michigan Universities
NOTTUJPN Culture and SocietyJapan Center for Michigan Universities
ANTH1---JCMU ExperienceJapan Center for Michigan Universities
JAPN4300Intermediate JapaneseJapan Center for Michigan Universities
JAPN4300Japanese Level 2Japan Center for Michigan Universities
JAPN1501Intensive Level 1KCP International
JAPN4300Intensive Level 6KCP International
JAPN2302Intensive Level 2KCP International
JAPN4300Intensive Level 3KCP International
JAPN4300Intensive Level 4KCP International
JAPN4300Intensive Level 5KCP International
ANTH3300Japanese CultureKCP International
VPA13--The Performing Arts and the Fine Arts in JapanOsaka Gakuin University
ANTH3300Multiculturalism in JapanOsaka Gakuin University
Japn4300Intensive Advanced JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
CMLL2---Japanese Culture and SocietyOsaka Gakuin University
CMLL23..Understanding Japanese in MoviesOsaka Gakuin University
CMLL42..Contemporary Japanese LiteratureOsaka Gakuin University
CMLL4300Intensive Advanced-Intermediate JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
GEOG4369Japans Environmental Issues Facing the FutureOsaka Gakuin University
HIST4394The Invention of Modern JapanOsaka Gakuin University
NOTTUJapanese Spirituality as a Channel to PeaceOsaka Gakuin University
ANTH3300Power of Japanese Pop CultureOsaka Gakuin University
ANTH2302The Study of Comparative CulturesOsaka Gakuin University
NOTTUIntroduction to Japanese LiteratureOsaka Gakuin University
PSY3---Japanese PsychotherapiesOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN2301Intensive Intermediate JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN4300Intensive Advanced Intermediate JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN4300Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Studies in OsakaOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN4300Intensive Intermediate High JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN1501Beginning JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN1502Beginning JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN2301Intermediate JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN2302Intermediate JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN4300Intermediate JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN4300Intermediate High JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
JAPN4300Pre-Advanced JapaneseOsaka Gakuin University
BECO4310International TradeSophia University
ECO3324Public EconomicsSophia University
HIST3399Modern JapanSophia University
FIN3320Financial ManagementSophia University
HIST1300History of Western Civilization 1Sophia University
Japn2301Intensive Japanese 1Sophia University
POLS3300International Organization and LawSophia University
HIST3399Seminar in Japanese HistorySophia University
ANTH3300Anthropology of JapanSophia University
Japn2301Japanese M2Sophia University
Japn1501Japanese 101-I-A-BSophia University
ANTH3300Foundations of East Asian CultureSophia University
CMLL4300Japanese Literature and the CitySophia University
POLS3300Contemporary Japanese PoliticsSophia University
MGT3370Principles of ManagementSophia University
MGT3374Human Resource ManagementSophia University
MGT4375International BusinessSophia University
MGT4380Corporate StrategySophia University
MGT4380Institutions and Development ManagementSophia University
MGT4380Strategic ThinkingSophia University
MGT4381Management in JapanSophia University
ISQS2340Management Information SystemsSophia University
MKT3350MarketingSophia University
MKT3352Consumer BehaviorSophia University
MKT4358International MarketingSophia University
fin3323Money and BankingSophia University
ACCT3304Financial AccountingSophia University
HIST3399Women in Japanese HistorySophia University
IB4383Japanese Business and ManagementSophia University
ARTH3---Japanese ArtSophia University
POLS3368Development Issues: Asia and the WorldSophia University
HIST3399Japanese History Edo and TokyoSophia University
THA 2_Japanese TheatreSophia University
ANTH2---Japanese Pop CultureSophia University
JAPN1501Japanese 1Sophia University
JAPN4300Intensive Japanese IIISophia University
ANTH2302Introduction to Cultural and Social AnthrpologySophia University
SOC3300Sociology of CultureSophia University
ARTH2---Introduction to Japanese ArtSophia University
HIST3399Religion in JapanSophia University
JAPN1501Beginning JapaneseSophia University
ANTH2---Japanese Popular CultureSophia University
HIST3399Modern Japanese HistorySophia University
ARTH2---Introduction to Art HistorySophia University
ENGL3351Creative WritingSophia University
ANTH2---Culture and IdentitySophia University
SOC1301Introduction to SociologySophia University
JAPN4300Japanese 2Sophia University
JAPN1502Japanese M1Sophia University
JAPN4300Japanese M3Sophia University
POLS2361Controversies in GlobalizationSophia University
JAPN2301Intermediate JapaneseSophia University
ANTH2---Analysis of Popular Culture in Japanese SocietySophia University
HIST3399Modernizing Ancient JapanSophia University
MGT4383Japanese BusinessSophia University
COMS3332Intercultural Communication and LeadershipSophia University