Study Abroad and Your Degree Plan

List of all courses available in Ireland

TTU CourseForeign CoursePartner Institution
PHYS4301Computational Physics IIMaynooth University
Math2450MT 201 SMaynooth University
Math2360MT 242 PMaynooth University
Math3350MT 301 CMaynooth University
CS4331Team ProjectMaynooth University
CS2365Software DesignMaynooth University
ECE3301Electrical CircuitsMaynooth University
CS1412Introduction to Object-Oriented ProgrammingMaynooth University
ECE3306Electrical Circuits and MachinesMaynooth University
ECE4332Computer Control SystemsMaynooth University
CS2413Algorithms and Data Structures IMaynooth University
CS3364Algorithms and Data Structures IIMaynooth University
CS2365ObjeObject-Oriented ProgrammingMaynooth University
ECE3301Electronic Engineering FundamentalsMaynooth University
ECE3353Control Systems DesignMaynooth University
ECE2372Digital Systems 1Maynooth University
ECE2372Digital Systems 2Maynooth University
ECE3331Systems Based ProjectMaynooth University
ECE3331Analogue Electronics ProjectMaynooth University
ECE3311Analogue Electronics IMaynooth University
CS4391Artificial Intelligence and Language ProcessingMaynooth University
CS4392Computer NetworksMaynooth University
ANTH3300Introducing Irish Cultural HeritageMaynooth University
ECE3323Introduction to TelecommunicationsMaynooth University
ECE3362Realtime and Embedded SystemsMaynooth University
ECE3301Electric Circuits IMaynooth University
ECE4332Robotics and AutomationMaynooth University
ECE4332Signal, Image, and OpticalMaynooth University
POLS3346Envrionmental PoliticsMaynooth University
MUHL2304Jazz Styles in the USAMaynooth University
ECE4333Final Year ProjectMaynooth University
ECE4332Information TheoryMaynooth University
ECE4365Digital Signal ProcessingMaynooth University
ECE4332RF Circuits and SystemsMaynooth University
ECE4325Computer and CommunicationMaynooth University
ECO3333International TradeMaynooth University
MGT4375Managing in the International EnvironmentMaynooth University
ECE3323Modulation and Coding TechniquesMaynooth University
CE3305Fluid MechanicsMaynooth University
ANTH3300The Cultural Heritage of Medieval SocietyMaynooth University
ECE4332Coding TheoryMaynooth University
ECE4332CryptographyMaynooth University
PHYS2402Modern PhysicsMaynooth University
NOTTUExperimental PhysicsMaynooth University
PHYS4312Radiation, Nuclear and Particle PhysicsMaynooth University
PHYS4309Solid State PhysicsMaynooth University
ANTH3339Anthropological Research and WritingMaynooth University
MUHL2---MUSIC SINCE 1945Maynooth University
GEOG2351Geographies of GlobalisationMaynooth University
SOC1320Changing Social WorldsMaynooth University
CS3365Software Engineering & Software ProcessMaynooth University
CS4331Parallel and Distributed SystemsMaynooth University
ECE4332Multimedia TechnologyMaynooth University
ECE3303System DynamicsMaynooth University
PHIL2300Introduction to Philosophy 2Maynooth University
ECE4332Digital Design with VerilogMaynooth University
CMLL1301Irish for Local HistoryMaynooth University
CS3361Programming Language Design and SemanticsMaynooth University
CS4331Programming Languages and CompilersMaynooth University
CS4354DatabasesMaynooth University
CS4331Machine Learning and Neural NetworksMaynooth University
CS3383Theory of ComputationMaynooth University
CS1382Discrete Structures IMaynooth University
GEOG2351Global Environments 1Maynooth University
CMLL1501Old Iris IMaynooth University
English3335The Celtic Heroic AgeMaynooth University
LAT1501An Introduction to Latin 1Maynooth University
PHYS2401Physics for Engineers 2Maynooth University
PHYS1408Physics for Engineers 1Maynooth University
ECE1305Computing for EngineersMaynooth University
ANTH3303International Forensic AnthropologyMaynooth University
PHIL2300EpistemologyMaynooth University
MUHL1308Music and HistoryMaynooth University
MATH2360Linear Algebra 1Maynooth University
ANTH3300The Anthropolgy of IrelandMaynooth University
COMS2300Public SpeakingMaynooth University
ATMO3310Climate ChangeMaynooth University
HIST3399The Great Irish FamineMaynooth University
CS4331Computation and ComplexityMaynooth University
CS4331Computer VisionMaynooth University
CS4331Mobile Application DevelopmentMaynooth University
ANTH3300Celtic Civilization 1 - Introduction to the Celtic WorldMaynooth University
CS4391Autonomous RoboticsMaynooth University
CS3375Computer Architecture 2Maynooth University
CS4391Audio and Speech ProcessingMaynooth University
MATH2---Introduction to AnalysisMaynooth University
HIST3399Ireland and the Great FamineMaynooth University
CMLL1502Language 2 - Old Irish 2Maynooth University
ECE3333Analogue Electronics and Business Project Problem Based LearningMaynooth University
CS1411Introduction to Programming PythonMaynooth University
ECE3331Robotics Systems ProjectMaynooth University
NOTTUEuropean Cultures and CivilisationsMaynooth University
NOTTUManagerial PsychologyMaynooth University
POLS3373Principles of European Integration in the World PerspectiveMaynooth University
MATH1451Mathematics IMaynooth University
NOTTUMathematics IIMaynooth University
ANTH3300Introducing the Cultural Heritage of Early IrelandMaynooth University
ANTH3300Introduction to the Anthropology of IrelandMaynooth University
CS1---Introduction to Data Science 1Maynooth University
CS1382Computer Systems IIMaynooth University
CS1412Introduction to Computer ScienceMaynooth University
CMLL1501Irish Language 1Maynooth University
ECE3304Introduction to Signal ProcessingMaynooth University
ECE3353Introduction to Systems and ControlMaynooth University
CS4395Computer GraphicsMaynooth University
GEOG3310Climate ChangeMaynooth University
MATH1451Differential CalculusMaynooth University
MATH2300Introduction to Statistics (A)Maynooth University
MATH2360Linear Algebra 1 (A)Maynooth University
MATH3350Ordinary Differential EquationsMaynooth University
MATH4330Statistical Computer with RMaynooth University
MATH4342Introduction to StatisticsMaynooth University
MATH4343ProbabilityMaynooth University
PHIL3320Social Policy and Philosophical QuestionsMaynooth University
POLS3301Understanding Conflict - The Irish ExperienceMaynooth University
PHYS3401Experimental PhysicsMaynooth University
PHYS1403Introductory Physics IUniversity College Cork
PHYS1404Introductory Physics IUniversity College Cork
PHYS2401Introductory Physics IIUniversity College Cork
MATH4362Topics in Modern AlgebraUniversity College Cork
MBIO3400Fundamentals of MicrobiologyUniversity College Cork
MBIO4404Medical MicrobiologyUniversity College Cork
MATH4312Game Theory and Linear AlgebraUniversity College Cork
HIST2301US History since 1865University College Cork
HIST3399The European Union and International SystemUniversity College Cork
CMLL1501Intro to Modern IrishUniversity College Cork
ANTH3300The Archaeology of Early Medevial IrelandUniversity College Cork
BIOL2---Introductory Molecular BiologyUniversity College Cork
BIOL2---Fundamentals of EcologyUniversity College Cork
ANTH3300Irish Archaeology: Prehistoric, Celtic, HistoricUniversity College Cork
CLAS2302Greek MythologyUniversity College Cork
ANTH3300Irish Archaeology: Prehistoric, Celtic, $ HistUniversity College Cork
ANTH3300Aspects of Irish FolkloreUniversity College Cork
ARTH3345Themes of Italian Baroque ArtUniversity College Cork
HIST3399The ancient CeltsUniversity College Cork
Clas3320Greek Art and ArchitectureUniversity College Cork
NOTTUHistory of Irish Art for Visiting StudentsUniversity College Cork
CE3354Environmental Engineering-WetUniversity College Cork
CE4321Geotechnical EngineeringUniversity College Cork
CE4353Environmental HydraulicsUniversity College Cork
CE4000Materials and SustainabilityUniversity College Cork
CE4000Energy Systems in BuildingsUniversity College Cork
MATH3350Ordinary Differential EquationsUniversity College Cork
MUHL2304History of JazzUniversity College Cork
PHYS2401Physics for Engineers IIUniversity College Cork
ECE3311Non-Linear Circuit AnalysisUniversity College Cork
CS3365Software EngineeringUniversity College Cork
CS4331Web SecurityUniversity College Cork
CS4331Distributed AlgorithmsUniversity College Cork
CS4392Networks and Data CommunicationsUniversity College Cork
CS3352Operating Systems IUniversity College Cork
MATH2360Introduction to Linear AlgebraUniversity College Cork
MATH2360Linear AlgebraUniversity College Cork
MUSI1300Western Music, Culture and MediaUniversity College Cork
MUSI1300Music in Culture and SocietyUniversity College Cork
CS3375Computer ArchitectureUniversity College Cork
CS4354Database Design and AdministrationUniversity College Cork
CS3364Algorithms and Data Structures IIUniversity College Cork
CS4331Software System EngineeringUniversity College Cork
CS4331Introduction to Internet Information SystemsUniversity College Cork
CS2365Introduction to JavaUniversity College Cork
CS4392Network ComputingUniversity College Cork
CS4331Digital Content ManagementUniversity College Cork
CS3366Usability EngineeringUniversity College Cork
CE4331Bridge EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
CE4331Civil Engineering DesignUniversity College Dublin
CE2201Construction MaterialsUniversity College Dublin
CE4331Construction PracticeUniversity College Dublin
CE4331Design of StructuresUniversity College Dublin
CE3309Environmental Engineering FundamentalsUniversity College Dublin
GEOL1303Geology for Civil EngineersUniversity College Dublin
CE4331Highway and Water EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
CE4353Hydrraulic Engineering DesignUniversity College Dublin
CE4353Hydraulics IUniversity College Dublin
CE3303Mechanics of SolidsUniversity College Dublin
CE1305Modelling and SimulationUniversity College Dublin
MATH2450Multivariable Calculus Eng IIUniversity College Dublin
MATH2450Multivariable Calculus for EngUniversity College Dublin
CE3321Geotechnics 1University College Dublin
CE3121Geotechnics 2University College Dublin
CE4321Geotechnics 4University College Dublin
CE4321Soil Structure InteractionUniversity College Dublin
IE3341Statistics and ProbabilityUniversity College Dublin
CE3341Structural analysis, Design, and SpecificationUniversity College Dublin
CE4342Design of Structures 3University College Dublin
CE4321Systems and GeotechnicsUniversity College Dublin
CE4340Theory of Elasticity and PlasticityUniversity College Dublin
CE4333Water & Wastewater Treatment ProcessesUniversity College Dublin
che3323Chemical and Bioprocess Reaction EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
che4353Process Instrumentation and ControlUniversity College Dublin
ECE4364Advanced Signal ProcessingUniversity College Dublin
ECE3312Analogue ElectronicsUniversity College Dublin
ECE4354Applications of Power ElectronicsUniversity College Dublin
ECE3306Circuit TheoryUniversity College Dublin
ECE4325Communication SystemsUniversity College Dublin
ECE3323Communication Theory IUniversity College Dublin
CS2413Compuer Engineering I Data Structures and Algorithims through CUniversity College Dublin
CS2365Computer Science for Engineers IIUniversity College Dublin
ECE3353Control TheoryUniversity College Dublin
ECE4361Digital CommunicationsUniversity College Dublin
ECE2372Digital Electronics from Gate to SystemUniversity College Dublin
ECE4382Digital System DesignUniversity College Dublin
ECE3301Electrical and Electronic CircuitsUniversity College Dublin
ECE4343Electrical Energy Systems IIUniversity College Dublin
ECE4334Electrical Engineering ProjectUniversity College Dublin
ECE4391Electrical MachinesUniversity College Dublin
ECE3342Electromagnetic WavesUniversity College Dublin
ECE3311Electronic CircuitsUniversity College Dublin
ECE4334Electronic Engineering ProjectUniversity College Dublin
ECE4332Energy Economics and PolicyUniversity College Dublin
ECE3342Engineering ElectromagneticsUniversity College Dublin
Math2450Multivariable Calculus EngUniversity College Dublin
ECE4332Photonic EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
ECE4316Power Electronics and DrivesUniversity College Dublin
ECE4332Power Electronics TechnologyUniversity College Dublin
ECE4332Power System DesignUniversity College Dublin
ECE4332Power System Dynamics and ControlUniversity College Dublin
ECE4343Power System EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
ECE4332Power System OperationUniversity College Dublin
ECE4332Power System Stability AnalysisUniversity College Dublin
che4353Process Insrumentation and ControlUniversity College Dublin
ECE4375Processor DesignUniversity College Dublin
ECE4323Radio Frequency ElectronicsUniversity College Dublin
ECE3304Signal Processing Theory and ApplicationsUniversity College Dublin
ECE3303Signals and SystemsUniversity College Dublin
ECE4314Solid State Electronics IUniversity College Dublin
ECE4332Solid State Electronics IIUniversity College Dublin
ECE4332Wireless SystemsUniversity College Dublin
ME4330Advanced Composites and Polymer EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
ME2302Applied DynamicsUniversity College Dublin
ME3---Applied Dynamics IIUniversity College Dublin
ME3403Computational Continuum Mechanics IUniversity College Dublin
ME4330Energy Systems in Builldings IIUniversity College Dublin
ME3---Manufacturing Engineering IIUniversity College Dublin
ME3311Materials Science and Eng IUniversity College Dublin
ME3311Materials Science and Engineering IIUniversity College Dublin
ME3311Materials Science and Engineering IIIUniversity College Dublin
ME4330Materials Thermodynamics and KineticsUniversity College Dublin
ME4---Mechanical Engineering Design IUniversity College Dublin
ME4371Mechanical Engineering Design IIUniversity College Dublin
ME 340Mechanics of Soliids IUniversity College Dublin
ME 340Mechanics of Solids IIUniversity College Dublin
ME4330Medical Device DesignUniversity College Dublin
MKT3353Supply Chain ManagementUniversity College Dublin
MKT3352Consumer BehaviorUniversity College Dublin
MKT3356Marketing Research and AnalysisUniversity College Dublin
MKT3351Services MarketingUniversity College Dublin
MKT4358International MarketingUniversity College Dublin
MKT4385Marketing StrategyUniversity College Dublin
ZOOL3303Patient Safety, Microbiology, InfectionUniversity College Dublin
CHEM1308Basis of Physical ChemistryUniversity College Dublin
COMS3321Perspectives on Film IUniversity College Dublin
EMC4310HollywoodUniversity College Dublin
HIST3399Healers and HealingUniversity College Dublin
HIST3399Intro to Irish StudiesUniversity College Dublin
HIST3399From Colony to Republic: the Making of Modern IrelandUniversity College Dublin
Math1351Introduction to Calculus for EngineersUniversity College Dublin
HDFS2320Interpersonal Relationships: Personal and Professional DevelopmentUniversity College Dublin
BIOL4301Molecular Basis of Life and DiseaseUniversity College Dublin
Phys1408Physics for Engineers IUniversity College Dublin
SOC4381A Social History Irish HealthcareUniversity College Dublin
Phys1408Introductory Physics IUniversity College Dublin
Phys2401Introductory Physics IIIUniversity College Dublin
MGT3375New Venture Creation and DevelopmentUniversity College Dublin
CHE3323Chemical & Bioprocess Reaction EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
CHE3322Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering ThermodynamicsUniversity College Dublin
CE3305Mechanics of Fluids IUniversity College Dublin
CE4333Mechanics of Fluids IIUniversity College Dublin
CE4333Mechanics of Fluids IIIUniversity College Dublin
ISQS4361Web Design and AnalyticsUniversity College Dublin
ISQS4383Decision AnalyticsUniversity College Dublin
ISQS4383E-Business SolutionsUniversity College Dublin
ISQS4383Managing in an Information AgeUniversity College Dublin
ISQS3346Computational ModellingUniversity College Dublin
NOTTUThe Global MarketplaceUniversity College Dublin
NOTTUGlobal BusinessUniversity College Dublin
NOTTUGlobal Industry AnalysisUniversity College Dublin
MKT4354Marketing CommunicationsUniversity College Dublin
MGT4386Family BusinessUniversity College Dublin
ACCT2300Financial Accounting 1University College Dublin
BA4383Strategic Management AccountingUniversity College Dublin
ACCT2301Cost ManagementUniversity College Dublin
ACCT2301Management AccountingUniversity College Dublin
CE3303Mechanics of Solids IUniversity College Dublin
MGT3370Introduction to ManagementUniversity College Dublin
MGT3376Inside OrganizationsUniversity College Dublin
MGT4383Cross-Cultural ManagementUniversity College Dublin
MGT4373LeadershipUniversity College Dublin
MGT3374Human Resource ManagementUniversity College Dublin
MGT4397Managing Business EthicsUniversity College Dublin
CE4351Highway EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
CE4361Introduction to Transportation and Traffic EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
ANH2304People, Places, and RegionsUniversity College Dublin
ANTH3300Introduction to the Archaeology of IrelandUniversity College Dublin
GEOG3310Earth, Environment, and SocietyUniversity College Dublin
NOTTUIntroduction to Cultrual HistoryUniversity College Dublin
ANTH3300Ireland UncoveredUniversity College Dublin
ANTH3300The Irish Presence in AmericaUniversity College Dublin
CMLL1301Irish Language for BeginnersUniversity College Dublin
CE4331Professional Engineering for Civil and Structural EngineersUniversity College Dublin
HIST3399From Union to Bailout: Ireland Since 1800University College Dublin
GEOG3350Discovering IrelandUniversity College Dublin
CS4000Independent ResearchUniversity College Dublin
HDFS2320Interpersonal RelationshipsUniversity College Dublin
MATH3334Probability and StatisticsUniversity College Dublin
PHIL2320EthicsUniversity College Dublin
SOC1301Introduction to SociologyUniversity College Dublin
SOC3331Reading Gender and SexualityUniversity College Dublin
SOC3325Sociology of GenderUniversity College Dublin
CLAS2302Classical Myth An IntroductionUniversity College Dublin
FIN3320Principles of FinanceUniversity College Dublin
CS4331Computer Science in PracticeUniversity College Dublin
PSS1411Plants and PeopleUniversity College Dublin
ANSC3318Principles of Animal Health, Behaviour, and WelfareUniversity College Dublin
ANSC1401Principles of Animal ScienceUniversity College Dublin
ANSC4409Principles of Dairy ProductionUniversity College Dublin
MKT3356Market ResearchUniversity College Dublin
MKT4358Global MarketingUniversity College Dublin
MKT4385Strategic Marketing ManagementUniversity College Dublin
PSY2304Advanced Social PsychologyUniversity College Dublin
PSY3---Psychology and CrimeUniversity College Dublin
FREN1507French General Purposes 2University College Dublin
chemicalengiChemical and Bioprocess Engineering MeasurementUniversity College Dublin
CE3372Water EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
MUHL2307Musics of The WorldUniversity College Dublin
ASTR1401Astronomy and Space ScienceUniversity College Dublin
ANTH3---Ireland: Heritage and CultureUniversity College Dublin
MATH3350Differential Equations via Computer AlgebraUniversity College Dublin
HLTH3---Introduction Healthcare PracticeUniversity College Dublin
PHYS2401Physics for Engineers IIUniversity College Dublin
ANSC2306Animal Physiology IUniversity College Dublin
ANSC3401Animal ReproductionUniversity College Dublin
ANSC3402Animal GenomicsUniversity College Dublin
MUHL1308Music, Culture, and SocietyUniversity College Dublin
Math2360Linear Algebra for EngineersUniversity College Dublin
MUHL2310Popular Music and CultureUniversity College Dublin
BIOL1401Cell and Plant BiologyUniversity College Dublin
CE4000Construction ManagementUniversity College Dublin
CE3309Unit Treatment Process in Water EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
CE4333Environmental Assessment and ManagementUniversity College Dublin
PHIL3324Philosophy of ReligionUniversity College Dublin
ME4376Manufacturing Engineering IUniversity College Dublin
IE 33Professional Engineering FinanceUniversity College Dublin
ME4330Energy Systems and Climate ChangeUniversity College Dublin
ME4330Technical CeramicsUniversity College Dublin
ME4330Measurement & InstrumentationUniversity College Dublin
ME4330Fracture MechanicsUniversity College Dublin
HIST3301Classical GreeceUniversity College Dublin
ISQS4370Business Analytics ProjectUniversity College Dublin
BIOL4301Animal Form and FunctionUniversity College Dublin
HIST3399From Union to Bailout: Imagining Moder Ireland, 1800-PresentUniversity College Dublin
ANSC3301Animal Nutrition 1University College Dublin
ANSC4---Equine Reproduction and Breeding ManagementUniversity College Dublin
ANSC3402Animal Breeding IIUniversity College Dublin
GEOG1401Earth and HumanityUniversity College Dublin
GEOL4300Field Geology and MapworkUniversity College Dublin
ACOM4001Health, Welfare and Safety in AgricultureUniversity College Dublin
ANSC4---Practical Animal HusbandryUniversity College Dublin
ANSC4---Introduction to Veterinary Immunology and InfectionUniversity College Dublin
ANSC2305Equine NutritionUniversity College Dublin
ANTH3300Christian, Islamic and Viking EuropeUniversity College Dublin
BIOL4301Principles of ZoologyUniversity College Dublin
BIOL4301Conservation GeneticsUniversity College Dublin
ANSC4406Advanced Sheep HusbandryUniversity College Dublin
ANSC4001Veterinary Career Orientation and Professional DevelopmentUniversity College Dublin
ANSC3---Equine GeneticsUniversity College Dublin
PSS4001Plant Protection - PestsUniversity College Dublin
PSS2432Soil Science ApplicationsUniversity College Dublin
BIOL4301Plant Diseases: Biology and ControlUniversity College Dublin
PSS4001Food Production: Fruit and Post Harvest PhysiologyUniversity College Dublin
PSS4001Food Production: VegetablesUniversity College Dublin
PSS4411Food Production: Protected CropsUniversity College Dublin
PSS4001Nursery Production and ManagementUniversity College Dublin
BIOL4301Agricultural MicrobiologyUniversity College Dublin
AAEC3304Farm Business ManagementUniversity College Dublin
ANSC4401Non-ruminant Animal ProductionUniversity College Dublin
ANSC3403Principles of Meat ScienceUniversity College Dublin
ANSC4001Ruminant Animal ProductionUniversity College Dublin
FDSC3305Food Process Tech IUniversity College Dublin
AAEC3304Financial Planning and ControlUniversity College Dublin
PSS3321Grass and Forage ProductionUniversity College Dublin
CS4352Intro to Operating SystemsUniversity College Dublin
CS3364AlgorithmsUniversity College Dublin
CS4331Web DevelopmentUniversity College Dublin
CS4391Introduction to RoboticsUniversity College Dublin
CS2350Computer SystemsUniversity College Dublin
CS4392Network AnalysisUniversity College Dublin
CS3375Introduction to Computer ArchitectureUniversity College Dublin
CS1412Computer Programming IIUniversity College Dublin
CS3352UNIX ProgrammingUniversity College Dublin
CS4331Programming for Big DataUniversity College Dublin
CS4331Graph AlgorithmsUniversity College Dublin
PSS4321Crop BreedingUniversity College Dublin
CHEM3306Organic ChemistryUniversity College Dublin
CE3440Analysis of Structures 1University College Dublin
ANTH3300Intro to Archaeology of IrelandUniversity College Dublin
ANTH3300Early Ireland: Continuity and ChangeUniversity College Dublin
AAEC3304Ag Business ManagementUniversity College Dublin
AAEC4---Analysis of Prices and Markets in Agri-BusinessUniversity College Dublin
ANSC3318Animal BehaviourUniversity College Dublin
ANSC3402Animal Breeding 1University College Dublin
ANSC3402Genetics & Animal BreedingUniversity College Dublin
ANSC4307Sensory AnalysisUniversity College Dublin
ANSC4403Beef ProductionUniversity College Dublin
ANSC4409Dairy ProductionUniversity College Dublin
CS3366Human Computer InteractionUniversity College Dublin
FDSC3301Food MicrobiologyUniversity College Dublin
FDSC4306Milk and Dairy ProductsUniversity College Dublin
FDSC4402Food Analysis IUniversity College Dublin
FDSC4403Food Chemistry IUniversity College Dublin
HLTH1306Health in a Global SocietyUniversity College Dublin
MCOM1301Computer-Mediated CommunicationUniversity College Dublin
MCOM4301Social Media and Participation in an Online WorldUniversity College Dublin
MCOM4301The Digital SelfUniversity College Dublin
MCOM4301Scholarly CommunicationUniversity College Dublin
ME2322Thermodynamics IUniversity College Dublin
ME3311Materials Science and Engineering IUniversity College Dublin
GEOL1303Introduction to Earth SciencesUniversity College Dublin
GEOL1101Introduction to Earth SciencesUniversity College Dublin
CS4397Game DevelopmentUniversity College Dublin
FIN4383Financial Institution ManagementUniversity College Dublin
FIN4383Applied Portfolio and Risk ManagementUniversity College Dublin
FIN4383Green VenturesUniversity College Dublin
FIN4383Behavioral FinanceUniversity College Dublin
FIN4383Treasury and Risk ManagementUniversity College Dublin
ECE4332Renewable Energy SystemsUniversity College Dublin
FIN4327Advanced Risk ManagementUniversity College Dublin
FIN4328Global FinanceUniversity College Dublin
PHYS1401Foundations of PhysicsUniversity College Dublin
MGT4375International ManagementUniversity College Dublin
MGT4375Managing in a Cross-Cultural EnvironmentUniversity College Dublin
MKT4355Digital Marketing CommunicationsUniversity College Dublin
MKT4383Marketing NegotiationsUniversity College Dublin
ME3403Mechanics of Solids IUniversity College Dublin
MGT4383Developing Future LeadersUniversity College Dublin
MGT4383Leadership and Change ManagementUniversity College Dublin
MGT4397Responsible Management and SocietyUniversity College Dublin
POLS1---Global Development GoalsUniversity College Dublin
POLS3301Ireland and the USUniversity College Dublin
CS4392Advances in Wireless NetworkingUniversity College Dublin
PSS4323Organic AgricultureUniversity College Dublin
POLS3302Political BehaviourUniversity College Dublin
PSS1321Crop and Grassland ScienceUniversity of Limerick
PSS3321Grassland and Grazing ManagementUniversity of Limerick
MKT3352Consumption and Consumer CultureUniversity of Limerick
MKT3356Marketing ResearchUniversity of Limerick
MKT4355Digital MarketingUniversity of Limerick
ME4330Aerospace StructuresUniversity of Limerick
ME4370Engineering Design and CommunicationUniversity of Limerick
MGT3374Principles of Human Resource ManagementUniversity of Limerick
MGT3376Principles of Organizational BehaviorUniversity of Limerick
MGT4375International ManagementUniversity of Limerick
MGT4380Strategic ManagementUniversity of Limerick
FIN4383Financial Information AnalysisUniversity of Limerick
FIN4383Principles of Risk ManagementUniversity of Limerick
FIN4383Risk AnalysisUniversity of Limerick
EVHM1301Broadening Through Sustainable DevelopmentUniversity of Limerick
ME3403Mechanics of Solids 2University of Limerick
MATH3342Introduction to Probability and StatisticsUniversity of Limerick
FIN3320FinanceUniversity of Limerick
FIN3322Corporate FinanceUniversity of Limerick
FIN3323Financial Institutions and MarketsUniversity of Limerick
FIN3324Investments Analysis and ManagementUniversity of Limerick
CS4352Operating SystemsUniversity of Limerick
CS2365Object Oriented DevelopmentUniversity of Limerick
ACCT4301Auditing and Accounting FrameworksUniversity of Limerick
CHEM3305Organic Chemistry IUniversity of Limerick
CHEM4---Physical Chemistry 2University of Limerick
ENGL4313From James Joyce to Maeve Brennan 20th Century Irish FictionUniversity of Limerick
ANTH3300Irish Folklore IUniversity of Limerick
CMLL1301Irish Language IUniversity of Limerick
MUSI4---Irish Traditional Music IUniversity of Limerick
POLS 337Comparative European PoliticsUniversity of Limerick
MCOM4000Sociology of MediaUniversity of Limerick
PSY2---Psychology and Everyday LifeUniversity of Limerick
ANTH3300Intro to New Media and Cultural StudiesUniversity of Limerick
ME4---Thermodynamics 2University of Limerick
PSY2304SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 1University of Limerick
ECE3306Circuit Analysis 1University of Limerick
ECE3341Electromagnetics 1University of Limerick
ECE4316Power ElectronicsUniversity of Limerick
ECE4332Telecommunication Systems 1University of Limerick
ECE4325Telecommunication Systems 2University of Limerick
MATH2360LINEAR ALGEBRA 1University of Limerick
English3308SENSIBILITY AND ROMANTICISMUniversity of Limerick
Math4354Partial Differential EquationsUniversity of Limerick
ECE4375Computer Systems ArchitectureUniversity of Limerick
ECE3331Computer Engineering Project 1University of Limerick
ECE4325Communications Networking FundamentalsUniversity of Limerick
ECE4332Communications Networking 4University of Limerick
ECE3323Communications and TheoryUniversity of Limerick
ECE4332Communications Networking 3University of Limerick
ECE4325Communications Networking 2University of Limerick
ECE4382ASICS 1University of Limerick
ECE4321ASICS 2University of Limerick
ECE3311Analogue Electronics 3University of Limerick
ECE4321ASIC Design MethodsUniversity of Limerick
ECE4325Computer Networks 2University of Limerick
ECE4332Computer Systems Architecture 2University of Limerick
ECE4332EE4008University of Limerick
ARTH4304Visual Culture in Ireland: 1400-1950University of Limerick
MKT3356Marketing IntelligenceUniversity of Limerick
MKT4354Marketing CommunicationUniversity of Limerick
ISQS2340Social and Economic Perspectives of Information ManagementUniversity of Limerick
ACCT3304Financial Accounting and ReportingUniversity of Limerick
ECO3311Intermediate MacroeconomicsUniversity of Limerick
BIOL13--Biology 1University of Limerick
Math2300Statistics with InferenceUniversity of Limerick
ESS/KIN4445Teaching and Learning for Individuals in Physical EducationUniversity of Limerick
ESS?KIN3356Coaching Science and Performance 1University of Limerick
Math2450Calculus 3University of Limerick
CHEM1301Introductory ChemistryUniversity of Limerick
MKT4383Marketing: Context and PhilosophyUniversity of Limerick
MKT4383Marketing ManagementUniversity of Limerick
SOC33--Sociological Perspectives on Irish SocietyUniversity of Limerick
EMC4301Screening Ireland: Ireland in Film and TelevisionUniversity of Limerick
Math1550Mathematics and StatisticsUniversity of Limerick
Math2300StatisticsUniversity of Limerick
BIOL4301Physiology and Kinesiology in BiomedicineUniversity of Limerick
PHYS1401Physics for General Science 1University of Limerick
ESS/KIN3322Physiology of Muscle in MovementUniversity of Limerick
ESS3305Introduction to Major Physiological SystemsUniversity of Limerick
CS4395Advanced Graphics and Display SystemsUniversity of Limerick
CS3368Artificial Intelligence and Expert SystemsUniversity of Limerick
CS1411Computer Software 1University of Limerick
CS3364Computer Software 3University of Limerick
CS2365Computer Software 4University of Limerick
CS4331Data SecurityUniversity of Limerick
CS4331Cloud ComputingUniversity of Limerick
Math1451Technological MathematicsUniversity of Limerick
Math3342Statistics for ComputingUniversity of Limerick
ESS3303Analysis of Motor Skill Performance and LearningUniversity of Limerick
CMLL1302Irish Language 2University of Limerick
MUHL43--Introduction to Traditional Music and Dance StudiesUniversity of Limerick
ECO3333International EconomicsUniversity of Limerick
nonein CVisual Culture in IrelandUniversity of Limerick
MKT3350MarketingUniversity of Limerick
MKT3350Introduction to MarketingUniversity of Limerick
ANTH3300Representations of Irish Myths and LegendsUniversity of Limerick
ACCT3306Managerial AccountingUniversity of Limerick
NOTTUCompany and Partnership LawUniversity of Limerick
POLS3300Law of the European Union 2University of Limerick
CMLL2301Beginners IrishUniversity of Limerick
HIST3399The History of AustraliaUniversity of Limerick
HIST3399The Irish Conflict 1948-98University of Limerick
VPA2301Performance Studies 1University of Limerick
VPA2301MD4001 - PRACTICUM 1A - Limerick Inside OutUniversity of Limerick
VPA2301MD4001 – Practicum 1AUniversity of Limerick
MUSI2---Introduction to Irish Traditional Music and Dance Studies IUniversity of Limerick
HIST3399Sources for HistoryUniversity of Limerick
MUSI4000Irish for Musicians for Dancers 1University of Limerick
ME2302Engineering Mechanics 2University of Limerick
CS3365System Analysis and DesignUniversity of Limerick
ME3370Fluid MechanicsUniversity of Limerick
ME4330Energy ManagementUniversity of Limerick
CE4000Wind, Ocean, and Hydro EnergyUniversity of Limerick
POLS3300Principles of LawUniversity of Limerick
SW1300Sociology of the Welfare StateUniversity of Limerick
CHEM2303ORGANIC CHEMISTRYUniversity of Limerick
SOC3300SOCIOLOGY OF WORKUniversity of Limerick
CE3321Intro to Geology and Soil MechanicsUniversity of Limerick
CE4000Clean TechnologyUniversity of Limerick
CE3372Hydrology and Water EngineeringUniversity of Limerick
MATH4360Further Linear AlgebraUniversity of Limerick
CE3372Water Management SystemsUniversity of Limerick
CE3321Soil MechanicsUniversity of Limerick
BIOL4301Ecology 1University of Limerick
BIOL4301Pollution BiologyUniversity of Limerick
NRM4001Managing the EnvironmentUniversity of Limerick
MATH3342Engineering Mathematics 4University of Limerick
CE4000Energy Efficient BuildingsUniversity of Limerick
MATH3350Science and Engineering MathUniversity of Limerick
IE 33Operations ModellingUniversity of Limerick
IE 43Simulation Modelling and AnalysisUniversity of Limerick
ME3215Mathematical Methods 2: Numerical Methods for Partial Differential EquationsUniversity of Limerick
ME4356Aerodynamics IUniversity of Limerick
ME3228Advanced Mechanics of SolidsUniversity of Limerick
ECE3302Electrical Engineering IUniversity of Limerick
ME3164Finite Element AnalysisUniversity of Limerick
ME4330Aircraft Flight Dynamics and SimulationUniversity of Limerick
ME4330Aircraft StructuresUniversity of Limerick
ME3311Introduction to MaterialsUniversity of Limerick
EGR1207Drawing and CadUniversity of Limerick
ME4330Mechanical DesignUniversity of Limerick
ME4376MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY 1University of Limerick
ME4330AIRCRAFT VIBRATIONSUniversity of Limerick
ANSC2305Equine Feeding and BehaviourUniversity of Limerick
NotHistCeltic Civilization: Culture, Language and RepresentationsUniversity of Limerick
CONE2302Land SurveyingUniversity of Limerick
NOTTUEnvironmental ChemistryUniversity of Limerick
ANSC4001Animal Production SystemsUniversity of Limerick
BIOL1404Biology for BiosciencesUniversity of Limerick
GEOG1401Environmental Systems and Forces 2University of Limerick