Study Abroad and Your Degree Plan

List of all courses available in Australia

TTU CourseForeign CoursePartner Institution
MGT4384NegotiationBond University
BA4383Managerial Planning and ControlBond University
BA4383Accounting Theory and ApplicationBond University
MKT1---Selling and Sales ManagementBond University
mkt1---Services MarketingBond University
MKT1---Digital and Direct MarketingBond University
ISQS4383Systems ThinkingBond University
ISQS4383Business Systems and ProcessesBond University
ISQS4348Systems DesignBond University
ISQS4383Cyber SecurityBond University
ISQS4383Business Analytics and Big DataBond University
ISQS3358Business Intelligence and Data WarehousingBond University
BECO4310Markets and Corporate BehaviorBond University
BECO4310Business Conditions AnalysisBond University
MKT4358International MarketingBond University
MKT3350MarketingBond University
MKT3352Consumer and Buyer BehaviorBond University
MKT3356Market Research and AnalysisBond University
MGT4383Brand and Category ManagementBond University
MKT4385Strategic MarketingBond University
MGT4375Cross-Cultural ManagementBond University
ACCT2300Introduction to AccountingBond University
ACCT2301Cost Accounting SystemsBond University
BA4383Financial Accounting and Company ReportingBond University
BA4383AuditingBond University
BA4383Financial Analysis and ValuationBond University
FIN3323Financial Markets and InstitutionsBond University
FIN4327Options and FuturesBond University
FIN4328International FinanceBond University
MGT3375Entrepreneurial GrowthBond University
MGT4377Understanding Family EnterpriseBond University
MGT4376Managing InnovationBond University
MGT4386Business Plan DevelopmentBond University
MGT4375Global Business StrategyBond University
MGT3376Organizational BehaviorBond University
MGT4397Business Ethics and Corporate Social ResponsibilityBond University
MGT4388Change ManagementBond University
MGT4373LeadershipBond University
FIN3322Corporate FinanceBond University
FIN4325Portfolio Analysis and Investment ManagementBond University
MGT3376Organisational BehaviorBond University
MGT3374Human Resource ManagementBond University
MKT4383Event Marketing and SponsorshipBond University
MGMT4381Asian Business EnvironmentInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MGT4381Management, Philosophy, and PerformanceInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
ECO2305Business EconomicsInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MGT3373Business CommunicationInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM4316Destination Sale MarketingInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3341Service ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3308Introduction to the Event IndustryInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3345Site LogisticsInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3345Event Production and DesignInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
ACCT2301Managerial AccountingInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
ACCT2300Accounting FundamentalsInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
ISQS4350Project ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
ISQS2340Introduction to Information Systems and TechnologiesInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MGT3375New Enterprise CreationInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MGT3375Entrepreneurship and InnovationInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MGT4384Managing Workplace ConflictInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MGT4373Business EthicsInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MKT3350Principles of MarketingInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MKT4383Strategic Marketing ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MKT4383Brand Management and StrategyInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
BA4383Global Media and CommunicationInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MKT3356Applied Market ResearchInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MKT4383Introduction to Retail ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MKT3352Consumer BehaviorInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM4350Global Wine TourismInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3320Facilities ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
NOTTULeadership PrinciplesInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MGT3374Human Resource Planning and PerformanceInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
MGT4375Cross-Cultural ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
SPMT1302Introduction to Sport ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3---Global Trends in Hospitality and TourismInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3---TOU240Internatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3---Tourism Technology and ServiceInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM4332Managing People and OrganisationsInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3---Legal Issues for Event ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3345International EventsInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3308Conventions & Meetings ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM2308Rooms Division Operation, Front Office HousekeepingInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM2312Food & Beverage ServiceInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM2308Rooms Division ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
FIN4383Principles of Banking and Finance 1Internatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
FIN3323Business FinanceInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
NOTTUInternational Trade and FinanceInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
SPMT3---Innovation in Sports ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM4332Service Management and InnovationInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3350Globalization in the Hospitality IndustryInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM2---GastronomyInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM4308Hotel Management SimulationInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3---Promotions and SponsorshipInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3350Globalization in HospitalityInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM3350Globalisation in the Hospitality IndustryInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
HRDV2301Human Resource Planning & PerformanceInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM2310Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism ManagementInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM4000Tourism Governance and PolicyInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
RHIM4312Operational Management and Cost and ControlInternatl Coll Mgmt Sydney
Math1451Calculus ALa Trobe University
Math1452Calculus BLa Trobe University
Math2450Calculus CLa Trobe University
Math4310Numerical MathematicsLa Trobe University
GEOL1303Earth ScienceLa Trobe University
Phys1408Principles of Physics ALa Trobe University
Phys2401Principles of Physics BLa Trobe University
Phys2402Modern PhysicsLa Trobe University
PHYS4312Atomic and Nuclear PhysicsLa Trobe University
Phys4302Thermal and Statistical PhysicsLa Trobe University
GEOG3310Climate Change and Landscape EvolutionLa Trobe University
COMS3332Interncultural CommunicationLa Trobe University
CE3440Structures 1La Trobe University
CE3321Geotechnology BLa Trobe University
CE3321Geotechnology ALa Trobe University
SOC4381Social Determinants of HealthLa Trobe University
Math1451Calculus and Differential EquationsLa Trobe University
Math2360Number Systems and Linear AlgebraLa Trobe University
PHYS1408Physics ALa Trobe University
JOUR4301Dilemmas in Journalism Legal and Ethical IssuesLa Trobe University
ENG-LIT3XXXThe History of the NovelLa Trobe University
JOUR4301Online Journalism ProductionLa Trobe University
English2351Writing FictionLa Trobe University
ENGL3389Introduction to Literature The Short StoryLa Trobe University
JOUR4301Writing for the MediaLa Trobe University
JOUR4301The InterviewLa Trobe University
JOUR4301Advanced Journalism PracticeLa Trobe University
JOUR4301Advanced Journalism and DesignLa Trobe University
NOCREDStrategic Communication PrinciplesLa Trobe University
Math2360Calculus and Linear AlgebraLa Trobe University
PSY3---Experimental Foundations of Psychological ScienceLa Trobe University
ANTH2301Culture and Globalisation Introduction to AnthropologyLa Trobe University
PHIL2300Metaphysics Fundamental QuestionsLa Trobe University
RHIM2310Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality StudiesLa Trobe University
RHIM4316Destination Marketing and ManagementLa Trobe University
RHIM3345Hallmark EventsLa Trobe University
RHIM3350Regional Culture and TourismLa Trobe University
RHIM3345Event PlanningLa Trobe University
RHIM3350International TourismLa Trobe University
RHIM4316Services MarketingLa Trobe University
PHIL1310Critical ThinkingLa Trobe University
ZOOL3303PathophysiologyLa Trobe University
MBIO3401Introductory MicrobiologyLa Trobe University
Math3342Statistical InferenceLa Trobe University
Math2345Introduction to Economic Data AnalysisLa Trobe University
ZOOL2404Human Physiology Theory ALa Trobe University
Math2345Statistics for Business and FinanceLa Trobe University
COMS3332Intercultural CommunicationLa Trobe University
Math2345Introductory Statistics for BusinessLa Trobe University
MGT3370Foundations of ManagementLa Trobe University
AAEC4315Agricultural Management EconomicsLa Trobe University
PSS2432Introduction to Land and Soil ManagementLa Trobe University
GEOL1303Prcoesses that Shape the EarchLa Trobe University
ANSC1401Introduction to Animal and Agricultural SciencesLa Trobe University
BIOL3416Organisation and Function of Cells and OrganismsLa Trobe University
ECO2302Recessions, Inflation and Economic GrowthLa Trobe University
CE3303Mechanics of SolidsLa Trobe University
Math3350MECHANICSLa Trobe University
THA1303Making TheatreLa Trobe University
MKT3352Consumer BehaviorLa Trobe University
ECO2302Recessions, Inflation and GrowthLa Trobe University
AAEC2305Demand, Supply and MarketsLa Trobe University
AAEC3315Consumers, Firms and CompetitionLa Trobe University
CONE2302SurveyingLa Trobe University
PSY4332PHE3PPHLa Trobe University
NOTTUPHE3ISBLa Trobe University
PSY3---PSY 1BNBLa Trobe University
PSY3---Death, Dying and GriefLa Trobe University
40003 cIntro to Behavioural NeuroscienceLa Trobe University
ENVE1XXXClimate, Sustainability and SocietyLa Trobe University
CS3368Artificial Intelligence FundamentalsLa Trobe University
CS5454Database Management SystemsLa Trobe University
CS4331Networks, Systems and Web SecurityLa Trobe University
NOTTUSystem Design Engineering FundamentalsLa Trobe University
NOTTUNetworking Engineering FundamentalsLa Trobe University
ANTH1301Discover Australia: The myths that make usLa Trobe University
PSY4300Autism Spectrum DisordersLa Trobe University
PSY4332Psychosocial PerspectivesLa Trobe University
ECE3331Digtal Design with Programmable LogicLa Trobe University
ECE4332Digital Design with Programmable LogicLa Trobe University
ECE3362Embedded ProcessorsLa Trobe University
ECE3303Linear Circuits and SignalsLa Trobe University
ECE3323Communication SystemsLa Trobe University
ECE4332Instrumentation Electronics and SensorsLa Trobe University
ECE3304Signal Processing and ControlLa Trobe University
ECE1305C Programming for Engineers and ScientistsLa Trobe University
NS4220Medical TerminologyLa Trobe University
NS1325Introduction to NutritionLa Trobe University
NOTTUIntroduction to NursingLa Trobe University
POLS4399Healthcare Law and EthicsLa Trobe University
NOTTUInternational and Clinical Elective for Nursing and MidwiferyLa Trobe University
NOTTUTransition to Bachelor of NursingLa Trobe University
COMS2358Business CommunicationsLa Trobe University
PHIL2320Introduction to Bioethics and HealthcareLa Trobe University
CS2365Object Oriented Programming Using C++La Trobe University
CS2365Intermediate Object-Oriented ProgrammingLa Trobe University
CE4331Civil Engineering Project ManagementLa Trobe University
MATH2360Linear AlgebraLa Trobe University
ME3311Engineering MaterialsLa Trobe University
NOTTUHuman Anatomy CLa Trobe University
ANTH3300Edge of the OutbackLa Trobe University
NoexacPolitics, Philosophy and EconomicsLa Trobe University
NOTTUProfessional WritingLa Trobe University
HDFS2311Childhood in Contemporary TimesLa Trobe University
PSY4305Abnormal, Clinical and Health PsychologyLa Trobe University
PHIL2320EthicsLa Trobe University
NOTTUSex, Gender, DiversityLa Trobe University
CE4000Engineering Design & Problem SolvingLa Trobe University
CE4200Ideas to InnovationLa Trobe University
CE3305Fluid MechanicsLa Trobe University
CE3321Soil MechanicsLa Trobe University
CE3303Structural Analysis & Design 1La Trobe University
CE3354Hydraulic Engineering 1La Trobe University
PSY4000Sport and Exercise PsychologyLa Trobe University
NOTTUNutrition and DiseaseLa Trobe University
KIN3305Exercise and Sports PhysiologyLa Trobe University
FDSC4001Food Science and Food SkillsLa Trobe University
CE3303Mechancis of SolidsLa Trobe University
CONE2302Land Information SystemsLa Trobe University
ANTH3317Food and SocietiesLa Trobe University
NRM2307Ecology, Evolution and BiodiversityLa Trobe University
NoTTUMolecules, Genes and CellsLa Trobe University
GEOL4370Groundwater - Sustainability & ContaminationLa Trobe University
NS1325Principles of Human NutritionLa Trobe University
ENGL2308Creative Non FictionLa Trobe University
PSY4384Introduction to Forensic Psychology and the LawLa Trobe University
NRM1401Issues in ConservationLa Trobe University
NOTTUMyth, Legend, and HistoryLa Trobe University
ENGL3351Writing Creative NonfictionLa Trobe University
HDFS4000Child and Adolescent DevelopmentLa Trobe University
COMS3332Communication, Language, and CultureLa Trobe University
MATH4356Complex AnalysisLa Trobe University
math2360Advanced Linear AlgebraQueensland Univ Of Tech
math3350Ordinary Differential EquationsQueensland Univ Of Tech
ME2302DynamicsQueensland Univ Of Tech
CE3440Engineering MechanicsQueensland Univ Of Tech
CE4000Civil Engineering MaterialsQueensland Univ Of Tech
CONE2302Surveying & Site InvestigationsQueensland Univ Of Tech
CE3440Structural MechanicsQueensland Univ Of Tech
CE3303Strenght of MaterialsQueensland Univ Of Tech
MATH3354Linear Algebra and Differential EquationsQueensland Univ Of Tech
MATH4___Intro to Statistical ModelingQueensland Univ Of Tech
MCOM2301Digital MediaQueensland Univ Of Tech
JEM2301Introduction to Film, TV and New Media ProductionQueensland Univ Of Tech
BIOLCOREFoundations of BiologyQueensland Univ Of Tech
CHEM1307General ChemistryQueensland Univ Of Tech
NotequiChemical Structure and ReactivityQueensland Univ Of Tech
MATH1451Introductory Engineering MathematicsQueensland Univ Of Tech
MATH3430Engineering ComputationQueensland Univ Of Tech
ME4330ElecIntroduction to RoboticsQueensland Univ Of Tech
EMC3308Visual CommunicationQueensland Univ Of Tech
MUHL2307Music Scenes and SubculturesQueensland Univ Of Tech
MUHL2310Sex, Drugs, and Rock and RollQueensland Univ Of Tech
NoTTUActing FundamentalsQueensland Univ Of Tech
BIOL4301Rainforest EcologySchl Field Studies Australia
NRM4001Direct ResearchSchl Field Studies Australia
CE4333Techniques for Rainforest Research in AustraliaSchl Field Studies Australia
NRM4301Rainforest Management Studies in Australia & New ZealandSchl Field Studies Australia
POLS3---Environmental Policy and Socio-Economic ValuesSchl Field Studies Australia
NRM4301Wet Tropics Watershed Ecology and ConservationSchl Field Studies Australia
MGT3390Entrepreneurship and InnovationUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4374Cross-Cultural ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
FIN3321Financial Valuation Case Study ApproachUniv Sydney Australia
FIN4383Bank SupervisionUniv Sydney Australia
FIN4383Private and Investment BankingUniv Sydney Australia
FIN4383International Banking ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
MBIO3401Microbial LifeUniv Sydney Australia
PHYS1304Physics I FundamentalsUniv Sydney Australia
English3305Love and Desire in Early Modern EnglandUniv Sydney Australia
SOC33--Crime, Punishment and SocietyUniv Sydney Australia
SOC33--Science, Technology and Social ChangeUniv Sydney Australia
FIN3320Corporate Finance IUniv Sydney Australia
FIN3320Corporate Finance IIUniv Sydney Australia
FIN3321Financial Statement AnalysisUniv Sydney Australia
POLS3366International Economy and FinanceUniv Sydney Australia
FIN4328International FInancial ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
FIN3324Investments and Portfolio ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
fin4323Bank Financial ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
FIN4329Fixed Income SecuritiesUniv Sydney Australia
FIN4383Finance - Volatility and RegulationUniv Sydney Australia
FIN4327Derivative SecuritiesUniv Sydney Australia
NS3---Nutritional ScienceUniv Sydney Australia
ECO3311Intermediate MacroeconomicsUniv Sydney Australia
ECO3312Intermediate MicroeconomicsUniv Sydney Australia
MATH3342Applied Math for Chemical EngineersUniv Sydney Australia
NOTTUDifferential CalculusUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4383Business, Ethics and the LawUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4375International Business StrategyUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4383Cross-Cultural ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
MGT3375Entrepreneurship and InnovationUniv Sydney Australia
SpecialTopiEthical International Business DecisionsUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4384Business NegotiationsUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4383Social EntrepreneurshipUniv Sydney Australia
MGT370Foundations of ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
MGT3374Human Resource ProcessesUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4380Strategic ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4383International Human Resource ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
MGT3376Managing Organizational BehaviorUniv Sydney Australia
MGT3373Organizational CommunicationUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4383Leadership in OrganiationsUniv Sydney Australia
MKT3350Marketing PrinciplesUniv Sydney Australia
MKT3352Consumer BehaviorUniv Sydney Australia
NOTTUMarketing ResearchUniv Sydney Australia
MKT4383Electronic MarketingUniv Sydney Australia
MKT4383Marketing CommunicationsUniv Sydney Australia
MKT4383New Products MarketingUniv Sydney Australia
MKT4358International MarketingUniv Sydney Australia
MKT3351Services MarketingUniv Sydney Australia
SpecialTopiMKT 4383Univ Sydney Australia
MKT4383Public Relations ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
MKT4383Building and Managing BrandsUniv Sydney Australia
MKT4383Advertising Creating PrinciplesUniv Sydney Australia
SCM3353Supply Chain ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
NOTTUUnderstanding BusinessUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4383Cross Cultural ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
MGT4383Leadership in OrganizationsUniv Sydney Australia
MKT4383Marketing Strategy and PlanningUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Quantitative Business AnalysisUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Integrated Business ApplicationsUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS2340Digital Business InnovationUniv Sydney Australia
BA4383IS for Performance ImprovementUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Business Process Modelling and ImprovementUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Digital Business ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4350Project Management FoundationsUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Information Protection and AssuranceUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Enterprise Systems and Integrated BusinessUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS3348Business Intelligence for ManagersUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4375Business Analysis for PracticeUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Management ScienceUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Methods of Decision AnalysisUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS3344Operations ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4350Project Planning and ManagementUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Statistical Modelling for BusinessUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Predictive AnalyticsUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Advanced Management ScienceUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Business Risk AnalysisUniv Sydney Australia
ISQS4383Advanced AnalyticsUniv Sydney Australia
ACCT2300Accounting and Financial AccountingUniv Sydney Australia
ACCT4383Financial Accounting AUniv Sydney Australia
ACCT2301Management Accounting AUniv Sydney Australia
ACCT4383Financial AccountingUniv Sydney Australia
ECE3301Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronic EngUniv Sydney Australia
ME3370Fluid MechanicsUniv Sydney Australia
ECE3311Electronic Devices & CircuitsUniv Sydney Australia
ECE3303Signals & SystemsUniv Sydney Australia
ECE3341Engineering ElectromagneticsUniv Sydney Australia
ECE3304Digital Signal ProcessingUniv Sydney Australia
ECE3362Embedded SystemsUniv Sydney Australia
NoTTUThermal Engineering IUniv Sydney Australia
ECE2372Introduction to Computer SystemsUniv Sydney Australia
2365ObjeObject Oriented ProgrammingUniv Sydney Australia
EC2---Health and Wellness in Early ChildhoodUniv Sydney Australia
EC2311Human Development and EducationUniv Sydney Australia
POLS3326Gender, Family and the StateUniv Sydney Australia
HIST3399Sin City/ A History of SydneyUniv Sydney Australia
HIST3399Australia's People Since 1901Univ Sydney Australia
MATH2300StatisticsUniv Sydney Australia
MATH2360Introduction to Linear AlgebraUniv Sydney Australia
SOC3300Contemporary Cultural IssuesUniv Sydney Australia
SOC1301Introduction to Sociology 2Univ Sydney Australia
SOC3300Sociology of Childhood and YouthUniv Sydney Australia
Math2360Linear AlgebraUniv Sydney Australia
ART2---Introduction to Digital PublishingUniv Sydney Australia
ARTH2---Art and NatureUniv Sydney Australia
ENGL2388Literature and CinemaUniv Sydney Australia
Phil2310Introductory LogicUniv Sydney Australia
PHIL2300Society, Knowledge and SelfUniv Sydney Australia
PHIL3322Practical EthicsUniv Sydney Australia
PHIL3325Environmental PhilosophyUniv Sydney Australia
CS1411Programming Languages, Logic, and ModelsUniv Sydney Australia
CS3364Algorithm DesignUniv Sydney Australia
CS3361Programming languages and ParadigmsUniv Sydney Australia
CS2365Object Oriented DesignUniv Sydney Australia
THA4000Australian Theatre, Film and LearningUniv Sydney Australia
ENGL2388Introduction to Film StudiesUniv Sydney Australia
HIST3399European Film and HistoryUniv Sydney Australia
CS3375Computer ArchitectureUniv Sydney Australia
CS3368Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceUniv Sydney Australia
NoTTUSoftware Construction and DesignUniv Sydney Australia
NOTTUModern Australia Art and CinemaUniv Sydney Australia
ARTH1301Introducing Art HIstoryUniv Sydney Australia
ECE3311Electronic Circuit DesignUniv Sydney Australia
NoTTUPhysics 2A AdvancedUniv Sydney Australia
Math3351Nonlinear ODEs with Applications AdvancedUniv Sydney Australia
Math3310Discrete MathematicsUniv Sydney Australia
Math2450Vector Calculus and Differential Equations AdvancedUniv Sydney Australia
SOC1301Introduction to Sociology 1Univ Sydney Australia
ANTH2302Cultural Difference: An IntroductionUniv Sydney Australia
ANTH3300Introduction to Indigenous CulturesUniv Sydney Australia
BIOL1403Biomolecules and CellsUniversity of Melbourne
BIOL3320Fundamentals of Cell BiologyUniversity of Melbourne
Phys1403Physics 1 FundamentalsUniversity of Melbourne
MBIO3401Principles of MicrobiologyUniversity of Melbourne
ZOOL4312Animal BehaviourUniversity of Melbourne
SOC3325Genders, Bodies, BordersUniversity of Melbourne
Math1452Calculus IIUniversity of Melbourne
Math2360Linear AlgebraUniversity of Melbourne
Math3342StatisticsUniversity of Melbourne
Math2450Engineering MathematicsUniversity of Melbourne
Math3351Differential EquationsUniversity of Melbourne
PHYS2401Physics II AdvancedUniversity of Melbourne
CE4333Risk AnalysisUniversity of Melbourne
CE3440Structural Theory and DesignUniversity of Melbourne
CE3372Systems Modelling and DesignUniversity of Melbourne
CE3305Fluid MechanicsUniversity of Melbourne
ECE1---Foundations of Electrical NetworksUniversity of Melbourne
ECE3301Electrical Network Analysis and DesignUniversity of Melbourne
ECE2372Digital System DesignUniversity of Melbourne
ECE4332Electrical Device ModellingUniversity of Melbourne
ECE3303Signals and SystemsUniversity of Melbourne
ECE3331Electronic System ImplementationUniversity of Melbourne
HIST2300American HistoryUniversity of Melbourne
ME4330Introduction to BiomechanicsUniversity of Melbourne
ME4330Fundamentals of BiosignalsUniversity of Melbourne
PSY4324Cognitive PsychologyUniversity of Melbourne
PSY2304Personality and Social PsychologyUniversity of Melbourne
PSY3---The Psychopathology of Everyday LifeUniversity of Melbourne
SOC3300Sociology of YouthUniversity of Melbourne
PSY4301Psyc 30016University of Melbourne
PSY4324PSYC20007University of Melbourne
PSY3---PSYC 30021University of Melbourne
che2410Material and Energy SystemsUniversity of New South Wales
che3315Fluid and Particle MechanicsUniversity of New South Wales
CHE3341Advanced Thermodynamics and SeparationUniversity of New South Wales
che4372Experimental PracticeUniversity of New South Wales
CHE3232Chemical Engineering LaboratoryUniversity of New South Wales
Math2450Several Variable CalculusUniversity of New South Wales
Math2450Higher Several Variable CalculusUniversity of New South Wales
PETR2322Introduction to the Petroleum IndustryUniversity of New South Wales
PETR3304Introduction to PetrophysicsUniversity of New South Wales
PETR3402Reservoir Engineering AUniversity of New South Wales
PETR3306Reservoir Engineering BUniversity of New South Wales
PETR4319Reservoir Characterisation and ModellingUniversity of New South Wales
PETR3401Well Drilling Equipments and OperationsUniversity of New South Wales
PETR4300Petroleum EconomicsUniversity of New South Wales
PETR4306Enhanced Oil and Gas RecoveryUniversity of New South Wales
PETR4307A Well TechnologyUniversity of New South Wales
PETR4405Natural Gas EngineeringUniversity of New South Wales
PETR4303Petroleum Production EngineeringUniversity of New South Wales
LabpartDrilling Fluids and CementingUniversity of New South Wales
ECE3302Electrical and Telecommunications EngineeringUniversity of New South Wales
ECE3312Analogue ElectronicsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE3306Circuits and SignalsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE3362Embedded Systems DesignUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4391Electrical EnergyUniversity of New South Wales
ECE3353Systems and Controls 1University of New South Wales
ECE3332Electrical Engineering DesignUniversity of New South Wales
TRSF3---Undergraduate Thesis Part AUniversity of New South Wales
TRSF3---Undergraduate Thesis Part BUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4377Entrepreneurial EngineeringUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4382Microelectronics Design and TechnologyUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4343Power System AnalysisUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4391Electric Drive SystemsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4367Multimedia Signal ProcessingUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4332Biomedical Instrumentation, Measurement, and DesignUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4332Computer Control SystemsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4360Optical FibresUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4360Optical Communication SystemsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4310Mixed Signal Microelectronics DesignUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4385Microsystems Design and TechnologyUniversity of New South Wales
PHYS4000Quantum DevicesUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4316Advanced Power ElectronicsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE5343High Voltage SystemsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4364Digital Signal Processing TheoryUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4332Audio and ElectroacousticsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4332Nonliear ControlUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4332Photonic NetworksUniversity of New South Wales
ECE3323Analogue and Digital CommunicationsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4325Trusted NetworksUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4332Wireless Communication TechnologiesUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4332Mobile and Satellite CommunicationsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4332Network Operations and ControlUniversity of New South Wales
ECE4332Coding and Information TheoryUniversity of New South Wales
math2450Engineering Mathematics 2EUniversity of New South Wales
GEOL3324Fundamentals of Petroleum GeologyUniversity of New South Wales
Phys2401Physics 1BUniversity of New South Wales
ME2322ThermodynamicsUniversity of New South Wales
ME3370Fluid MechanicsUniversity of New South Wales
ENGR1315Engineering Design and InnovationUniversity of New South Wales
NotChemistry AUniversity of New South Wales
NotChemistry BUniversity of New South Wales
CHEM3301Inorgranic ChemistryUniversity of New South Wales
Math1451Mathematics 1AUniversity of New South Wales
PHYS1401PHYS 1110University of New South Wales
English2305ARTS 2033University of New South Wales
English2351ARTS 2032University of New South Wales
CHE4353Process and Dynamics ControlUniversity of New South Wales
BIOL4392Introduction to Marine ScienceUniversity of New South Wales
CE4343Reinforced Concrete DesignUniversity of New South Wales
ME4330Automobile Engine TechnologyUniversity of New South Wales
CHE2410Material & Energy Balances in the Chemical Process IndustryUniversity of New South Wales
CHE4381Process Modeling AnalysisUniversity of New South Wales
CE2301Engineering MechanicsUniversity of New South Wales
BIOL3320Cell BiologyUniversity of New South Wales
BIOL4301Molecular Cell Biology 1University of New South Wales
BIOL4392The Marine EnvironmentUniversity of New South Wales
math3342Probability, Statistics, and InformationUniversity of New South Wales
MATH3350Engineering Mathematics 2DUniversity of New South Wales
ENGR2392Strategic Leadership & EthicsUniversity of New South Wales
PSY1300PSYCHOLOGY 1University of New South Wales
FREN2390French Popular CultureUniversity of New South Wales
MUHL2304Contemplating Jazz: History, Style, ReceptionUniversity of New South Wales
MATH2360LINEAR ALGEBRAUniversity of New South Wales
HIST4397AUSTRALIA 1901 to 2008 From Federation to the ApologyUniversity of New South Wales
NOTTUAustralian Legends Introducing Australian StudiesUniversity of New South Wales
ENGR2331Communicating in Engineering and ScienceUniversity of New South Wales
CE4331Transport Planning ElectiveUniversity of New South Wales
NoTTUArchitecture in SydneyUniversity of New South Wales
EMC4301Creative Sound TechnologiesUniversity of New South Wales
PHIL2320Ethics: Theory and PracticeUniversity of New South Wales
English3337Global LiteraturesUniversity of New South Wales
CE2301Engineering Mechanics for Civil EngineersUniversity of New South Wales
MATH3342Mathematics 2B Statistics and Linear AlgebraUniversity of New South Wales
MATH2300Statistics for Life and Social SciencesUniversity of New South Wales
MATH1300Finite MathematicsUniversity of New South Wales
MATH4312Numerical Methods and StatisticsUniversity of New South Wales
HIST3359Understanding Nazi GermanyUniversity of New South Wales
PHYS1408Physics 1A/Higher Physics 1AUniversity of New South Wales
CLAS3320Classical GreeceUniversity of New South Wales
HIST3399The History Matrix: The Making of the Modern WorldUniversity of New South Wales
CE4333Sustainable Design: Theories and PracticeUniversity of New South Wales
MGT3370Managing Organizations and PeopleUniversity of New South Wales
ECE3362Microprocessors and InterfacingUniversity of New South Wales
ECE3362Embedded System DesignUniversity of New South Wales
ECE3303Ciruits and SignalsUniversity of New South Wales
ECE2372Digital Circuit DesignUniversity of New South Wales
COMS3332Intercultural InteractionUniversity of New South Wales
ANTH3300Indigenous AustraliaUniversity of New South Wales
NOTTUAviation and Sustainable TourismUniversity of New South Wales
PHOT2310Photogram to InstagramUniversity of New South Wales
NoTTUPsychology 1BUniversity of New South Wales
ASTR1401Introduction to Astronomy and the Search for Life ElsewhereUniversity of New South Wales
FIN3321Business Analysis and ValuationUniversity of New South Wales
FIN4383Capital Markets and InstitutionsUniversity of New South Wales
FIN4383Portfolio ManagementUniversity of New South Wales
FIN4328International Business FinanceUniversity of New South Wales
FIN4330Applied Corporate FinanceUniversity of New South Wales
FIN4327Options, Futures and Risk ManagementUniversity of New South Wales
FIN4323International BankingUniversity of New South Wales
CE3440Structual Analysis and ModellingUniversity of New South Wales
GEOL1101andFundamentals of GeologyUniversity of New South Wales
CE3303Mechanics of SolidsUniversity of New South Wales
CE3305Principles of Water EngineeringUniversity of New South Wales
CS2365Object Oriented Design & ProgrammingUniversity of New South Wales
CS2413Data Structures and AlgorithmsUniversity of New South Wales
CE3321Applied Geotechnics and Engineering GeologyUniversity of New South Wales
CE3354Water Resources EngineeringUniversity of New South Wales
CE4343Concrete StructuresUniversity of New South Wales
CE4342Steel StructuresUniversity of New South Wales
CE4331Environmental Engineering PracticeUniversity of New South Wales
CONE4031SeeEnvironmental Frameworks, Law and EconomicsUniversity of New South Wales
CE4363Groundwater Resource InvestigationUniversity of New South Wales
CE4343Design Practice AUniversity of New South Wales
CE3321Soil MechanicsUniversity of New South Wales
CONE4031Sustainable Timber EngineeringUniversity of New South Wales
GEOG3353An Introduction to the Sydney EnvironmentUniversity of New South Wales
SOC3300Culture, Identity and EducationUniversity of New South Wales
MATH2360Mathematics 1BUniversity of New South Wales
IE 23Engineering ManagementUniversity of New South Wales
MGT4383Managing Business FundamentalsUniversity of New South Wales
MGT4383Career ManagementUniversity of New South Wales
MGT4384Negotiation SkillsUniversity of New South Wales
ANTH2304Popular Culture of Indigenous AustraliaUniversity of New South Wales
HIST3399Australia 1788-1900 The Fatal ShoreUniversity of New South Wales
GEOG1401Environmental Science Concepts and MethodsUniversity of Newcastle
GEOL1101Earth Science Field CourseUniversity of Newcastle
PSY1---General PsychologyUniversity of Newcastle
GEOL1303Earth's Dynamic SystemsUniversity of Newcastle
MATH2450Calculus of Science and EngineeringUniversity of Newcastle
twocourEngineering MathematicsUniversity of Newcastle
Math3350Differential EquationsUniversity of Newcastle
Phys1401Everyday PhysicsUniversity of Newcastle
Phys1403Introductory Physics for the Life SciencesUniversity of Newcastle
PHYS1408Integrated Physics for engineersUniversity of Newcastle
ECE3301Electrical Engineering 1University of Newcastle
ECE3312ElectronicsUniversity of Newcastle
ECE3323Analog and Digital CommunicationsUniversity of Newcastle
ECED4323Electronics DesignUniversity of Newcastle
IE 23Engineering Economic AnalysisUniversity of Newcastle
ENGR2331Science and Professional CommunicationUniversity of Newcastle
Math3350Mathematics 2University of Newcastle
Phys2401Advanced Physics IIUniversity of Newcastle
CS1411Introducation to Procedural ProgrammingUniversity of Newcastle
ECE3303Signals and SystemsUniversity of Newcastle
ECE3306Electrical CircuitsUniversity of Newcastle
ENGR1315Introduction to Engineering ComputationsUniversity of Newcastle
CE3303Mechanics of SolidsUniversity of Newcastle
ME2322ThermofluidsUniversity of Newcastle
Math2300Statistics for the SciencesUniversity of Newcastle
Math1452Calculus IIUniversity of Newcastle
VPA2301Foundations in Creative ArtsUniversity of Newcastle
BIOLCoreMolecules, Cells, and OrganismsUniversity of Newcastle
NOTTUIntroductory Chemistry IIUniversity of Newcastle
NOTTUFilm MediaUniversity of Newcastle
POLS3361Foundations of International RelationsUniversity of Newcastle
ENGR2392Ethics, Technology, and EngineeringUniversity of Newcastle
CONE4320Cost Planning and EstimatingUniversity of Newcastle
CONE4322Project ManagementUniversity of Newcastle
CE3321Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental EngineeringUniversity of Newcastle
CE3305Fluid MechanicsUniversity of Newcastle
ECE4391Electric Machines and PowerUniversity of Newcastle
CS3364Introduction to AlgorithmicsUniversity of Newcastle
CS4352Operating SystemsUniversity of Newcastle
ME4370Mechanical Enigneering Design IUniversity of Newcastle
ME3322Applied ThermodynamicsUniversity of Newcastle
Art1309Creative and Preforming Arts 1University of Newcastle
English3351Creative Writing: Poetry and PoeticsUniversity of Newcastle
GEOG2300Into to Human GeographyUniversity of Newcastle
MATH2360Linearity and ContinuityUniversity of Newcastle
MATH4310Numerical MethodsUniversity of Newcastle
PHIL2300Intro to Philosophy AUniversity of Newcastle
PHIL2300Intro to Philosophy BUniversity of Newcastle
POLS3361Global Power and World OrderUniversity of Newcastle
POLS3366International Political Economy and Global DevelopmentUniversity of Newcastle
POLS3300Human Rights, Advocacy and Social ChangeUniversity of Newcastle
ASTR1401Intro to AstronomyUniversity of Newcastle
COMS1310Introduction to Communication TheoryUniversity of Newcastle
SOC1301Society and Culture: A Sociological IntroductionUniversity of Newcastle
MUSI1300Music and CultureUniversity of Newcastle
English3351Poetry and PoeticsUniversity of Newcastle
GEOL1101Earth Processes & ProductsUniversity of Newcastle
CONE4300Health and Safety in Building EnvironmentUniversity of Newcastle
CE4343Reinforced Concrete DesignUniversity of Newcastle
ANTH3322World ReligionsUniversity of Newcastle
Pols3365IPE and Global DevelopmentUniversity of Newcastle
ART1000PhotomediaUniversity of Newcastle
NoTTUDynamics 2University of Newcastle
CONE4031Building Codes & ComplianceUniversity of Newcastle
ME2302Dyanmics of Mechanics Machines not Mechanics ABUniversity of Newcastle
ME3311Materials Science and EngineeringUniversity of Newcastle
CE4361Transportation Engineering and DesignUniversity of Newcastle
CE2201Civil Engineering MaterialsUniversity of Newcastle
CE3341Theory of Structures 1University of Newcastle
CE4340Theory of Structures 2University of Newcastle
CE3354HydrologyUniversity of Newcastle
CE4331Advanced Structural AnalysisUniversity of Newcastle
ECE3301Electrical and Electronic CircuitsUniversity of Newcastle
ECE3303Circuits and SignalsUniversity of Newcastle
ECE2372Digital and Computer Electronics 1University of Newcastle
ANTH3300Indigenous Australian Issues: Past, Present, FutureUniversity of Queensland
ANTH3300Anthropology of Aboriginal AustraliaUniversity of Queensland
PSY3317Learning and CognitionUniversity of Queensland
PSY4301Developmental PsychologyUniversity of Queensland
PSY4305PsychopathologyUniversity of Queensland
PSY2304Topics in Social PsychologyUniversity of Queensland
Phys2401Electromagnetism and Modern PhysicsUniversity of Queensland
Math3350Analysis of Ordinary Differential EquationsUniversity of Queensland
ECE3301Introduction to Electrical SystemsUniversity of Queensland
Math2450Calculus & Linear Algebra IIUniversity of Queensland
ME2301Engineering Mechanics: Statics & DynamicsUniversity of Queensland